Welcome to a fantacy in which the 3D Morning Show at WMBD Radio 1470 AM in Peoria, Illinois is a bar and the hosts are regular patrons. (These tavern stories are just metaphorical tales.)

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Tavern Episode 2

A rooster and a bull walked into the bar.
Rooster: "We''ll have a large PETA and a pitcher of beer."
Bartender: "Come on guys, this is a bar not a barn."
Yardbird (insulted): "You are discriminating on the basis of our genetic origin!"
The bartender was suddenly very tired of his job.
Bartender: "OK, just show me some ID for the beer."
Singing Bull: ♫I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now…♫
Walking Comb: "My age is none of your business."
Doctor at the poker table: "Doesn't everyone have a right to privacy?"
A man eating Oreos in a nearby booth: "Yeah, and the right to control what goes into their own body?"
The bartender had been privy to the wisdom of his regular customers for so long that he was not intimidated.
Bartender: "No ID, No beer! That's the law."
According to Hoyle: "You can't legislate morality!"
Cock-a-doodle-doo: "Damn straight!"
Singing Bull: ♫Tin solders and Nixon coming…♫
Bartender: "If you two don't get the hell out of here I'm going to be having ribs and wings for supper tonight."
Cookie man: "What about separation of Chicken and Steak?"
Rooster: "Help Doc, this carnivore is going to eat us…………"
Chip off the old stack: "That's too bad, but he does have the right kind of teeth for it; I raise you guys –I'm going all in…"
Melodious Steer (now a soprano): ♫Live and let die…♫
Bartender: "Youre all a bunch of NUTS!"
"Its not nice to call people names," whined the Oreo
"That's right, You're INTOLERANT!!" screamed the Doc (as a headless rooster ran by.)
Inconspicuous man (by the jukebox): "Why can't we Dahl just get along?"

Note: This bar is open 24 hours. Three card Monte - No limit - is often played from 6 to 10 am.