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What Does It Mean To Be Pro-Life?


Being Pro-Life encompasses an all-inclusive world view. It is, in essence, a perspective of redemption. When we realize that the whole human race was plunged into sin and death at the disobedience of our first father Adam--it is not hard to understand how the life-giving salvation of the last Adam (Christ) was necessary to restore us to our sanity and to our place as viceroys under God's rule.

A Pro-Life person does not necessarily assert that all death is wrongful, (though many do--especially among our Roman Catholic brethren). Some death is rightful--as in the case of those who commit capital crimes, as defined by the word of God. But all Pro-Life people, by definition, oppose wrongful death, viz. the taking of innocent human life. The most graphic and prolific practice of the taking of innocent human life is seen in the contemporary holocaust of abortion.

The Pro-Life perspective flows out from the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who Himself said these words, from Jn. 6:35: "I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst." ALL life originates in God, through His Son Jesus Christ.

From our Savior, this message cascades out from us to virtually everything we say and do. Our words are to be life-giving; our actions are to be life-enhancing. Even our worship of God is to be done "in Spirit and truth," (Jn. 4:24)--and this can only be done when the Life-giving power of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is coursing through our spiritual veins.

Being Pro-Life also means that we are adamantly faith-filled and hopeful. Just as Christ is stronger than the devil, the truth is stronger than error, right is stronger than wrong--so life is stronger than death. We KNOW that the truth of Christ's life WILL prevail--not only in the next life--but in this one as well.

Is it easy to be Pro-Life? The answer is both Yes and No. It is "easy" to be Pro-Life when we are walking in the grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ--because then the fullness of His Spirit causes us to live a supernatural existence--one that is unexplainable in human terms. (But, from a human perspective--outside of Christ--this is actually impossible.) The answer is No when we see temporary setbacks, and the apparent triumph of evil all around us.

To be Pro-Life is to be Pro-Christ. It is to be Pro-Truth. It is to be Pro-Joy. It is to be Pro-Grace. Let all of us who affix to our hearts the label "Pro-Life" be faithfully sustained by the life-giving root--our Lord Jesus Christ!

Planned Parenthood


The classic comprehensive 1988 exposé of Planned Parenthood, Grand Illusions, The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, by George Grant, still provides valuable insights into the nature of that organization.

Some highlights are:

Planned Parenthood is the world’s oldest, largest, and best organized provider of abortion and birth control services. It now plays a strategic role in the health and social services community. It carries considerable political clout through lobbying, legislation, advocacy, campaigning, and litigation. It has brokered its abortion trade into a public image that is very nearly unassailable. It has a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails, down-to-earth, where-the-rubber-meets-the-road kind of reputation that has made it a glittering star in the grand constellation of the American social service field.

All that glitters, however, is not gold.

Planned Parenthood claims to advocate the freedom of women to choose if and when they will have children, without government interference. The truth is that from its very inception, Planned Parenthood has sought mandatory population control measures measures carefully designed to deny the freedom to choose. Over the years it has proposed that our government implement such things as ‘compulsory abortion for out-of-wedlock pregnancies,’ ‘compulsory sterilization for those who already have two children,’ and ‘tax penalties’ for existing large families.

China has taken Planned Parenthood’s suggestions to heart, launching a brutal, no-holds-barred, one-child-per-couple policy. Planned Parenthood continues to maintain that the communist government’s genocidal approach to population control is a ‘model of efficiency.’ In a recent survey of women who had received abortions at Planned Parenthood, ninety-five percent of the women said that their Planned Parenthood counselors gave ‘little or no information about the potential health risks which might follow the surgery.’ And eighty-nine percent said that their counselor was ‘strongly biased in favor of the abortion.’

Planned Parenthood?s pose as a champion of the underprivileged is a cruel hoax foisted on the uninformed and unsuspecting. The truth is, Planned Parenthood appears to want to eliminate the poor, not serve them. Animosity toward the weak and lowly has been its hallmark from its earliest days. In fact, its entire program of family limitation was designed to foster an elitist program against the under classes. In 1927, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, argued that organized attempts to help the poor were the ?surest sign that our civilization has bred, is breeding, and is perpetuating constantly increasing numbers of defectives, delinquents, and dependents.? Planned Parenthood has always targeted minorities, the unwanted, and the disadvantaged for family limitation, contraception, abortion, and sterilization. ?More children from the fit, less from the unfit,? Sanger pined, ?that is the chief issue of birth control.? To this day, the trust of Planned Parenthood?s literature constantly devises new plans to penetrate Black, Hispanic, and ethnic communities with its crippling message of Eugenic racism.

Planned Parenthood claims that it is in the forefront of the battle against sexually transmitted diseases. The truth is, Planned Parenthood’s efforts have been tragically counterproductive. It has become a veritable Typhoid Mary, actually encouraging the spread of syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis, granuloma, chancroid, and even AIDS at an alarming rate. Besides the fact that it constantly exhorts youngsters to flaunt a ribald and irresponsible promiscuity, it continually promotes an alarmingly ‘unsafe’ exercise of that promiscuity.

Instead of affording its fornicating disciples with the slim security of barrier devices, it primarily peddles the entirely unguarded prescription birth control methods. Eighty percent of Planned Parenthood’s clients receive non-barrier contraceptives, and eighty-eight percent of those who previously practiced ‘safe sex’ are dissuaded from continuing.

Planned Parenthood claims that sex education is a necessary and effective means of preventing teen pregnancies. The truth is, Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs have backfired, actually increasing teen pregnancies. The conclusion, one that Planned Parenthood researchers have been unable to escape, is that sex education courses only exacerbate the teen pregnancy problem. [pages 24-30, footnotes omitted.]

This year, in the Outreach Committee meetings on the third Monday of each month at the Christian Center at 7:30 p.m., we continue to study Planned Parenthood and what we can do about it in our community.

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