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The Legacy Of Harry Blackmun

CIRTL Board President Mark Henninger's Thoughts On Harry Blackmun And The Importance Of Supreme Court Appointments

I heard on the radio that Justice Harry Blackmun died today. I remember when President Richard Nixon was struggling to find a suitable supreme court nominee--back in the early '70's. He attempted to forward the names of two southern jurists--who were both (for good or bad reasons--I'm not sure) rejected by the senate. Then, in what appeared to be a move of utter desperation, the president chose a relatively unknown Minneapolis judge, by the name of Harry Blackmun .

How would you like to be Harry Blackmun, and to stand before God? God alone is the Judge; and we will leave all judgment to Him. But still, what is Harry Blackmun known for? The grisly fact of the matter is that this supreme court judge will always be remembered for penning the horrendous Roe v. Wade decision in January of 1973.

Not only was the logic used by Justice Blackmun specious and ludicrous (viz. "we cannot know when life begins," etc.), but his refusal to ever openly repent of his judicial crime was even more serious and troubling.

The very name Adolf Hitler conjures up images of heaps of human remains within the awful concentration camps of Europe. The name of Josef Stalin causes us to consider the murder of millions of his fellow countrymen. The same could be said for Mao Tse Tung. But what about Harry Blackmun ? In a very real sense, he tops them all. The carnage left behind from the judicial boondoggle authored by Justice Blackmun causes all these others to pale in comparison.

The passing of Harry Blackmun reminds us that man, and his evil ways, pass away. At the same time we are encouraged to know that God's righteous ways abide forever. May God have mercy on us all, and give us good and decent judges--those that reflect His righteous judgment!

Why man is so inhumane to his fellow human beings is something I guess I'll never understand.
Harry Blackmun

By: Mark Henninger

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"America, Yugoslavia, and Kosovo" by Dennis Dillard

Bombing Yugoslavia To Pressure Milosevic To Stop The Killing in Kosovo

Here we go again. President Clinton, the United States of America, and NATO are using military might to force Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic to sign a peace treaty with the Ethnic Albanians of Kosovo. The United Nations terms the action regrettable, but necessary.

It is hoped that this peace plan will bring an end to civil war and stop what has been termed ethnic cleansing, in that country. According to ABC News, before the NATO attack started, this civil war had claimed approx 2000 lives in the last year. Americans rightly wish that all the people of the world, including those of Kosovo, could be safe from violence and death. We are glad that America is sometimes able to help the oppressed, as we have done recently in places like Haiti, Iraq, and Bosnia, and are trying to do in Kosovo.

Let us consider however, whether we in America really occupy the moral high ground on the issues of violence and genocide. For example:

This same President Clinton has repeatedly vetoed protection for living unborn human beings from the violence acts of death perpetuated by the abortion industry in America, including the especially horrific partial birth abortion procedure that would make death by a bullet seem merciful.

The judicial system of this same United States, sanctions the killing of 1,500,000 of her own unborn citizens each year; she has allowed the murder of 40,000,000 over the last 26 years.

The same United Nations promotes genocide against the unborn human being all over the globe and there are over 50,000,000 babies killed by abortion every year in our world, including forced abortions in countries like China, (have you heard much from the White House on this one?).

So, perhaps some other nation should be sending troops to the United States of America to dissuade us from our war of genocide against unborn children, our ethnic cleansing, our oppression of innocent human beings, our Kosovo.

Now, that s an idea! Maybe, the Serbs of Yugoslavia, when they get themselves together and start acting like the Orthodox Christians they claim to be, and get rid of the war criminals among them, and stop killing their own people, maybe then they will send some "peace keepers" over here to our country and stop us from killing ours.

Yea!! Perhaps, all the nations of the world could send all their soldiers to somebody else’s far off land, where they could keep the peace and protect the all the weak and oppressed people of the someone else's country. Then maybe all wars and violence and death would be a thing of the past ... Perhaps ...