Pastors Speak

Cause For Hope


Sometimes, when we look at the path ahead, we might think that it would be easy to fall into discouragement. We realize that respect for life in all its forms, and respect for a Christian view of human sexuality, is not always supported by all people, even by good people. We must not lose hope, however, that God is with us, and that the truth will prevail.

Recently I was reminded of the cause to hope, by some chance encounters with people who are trying to make a difference in the area of respect for human life, and who are volunteering their lives to advance this understanding. A few weeks ago I met two young people who have given a year of their lives to the Pro-life cause. An organization called Collegians Activated to Liberate Life (The CALL Network), encourages young people who have just graduated college to delay their careers for a year. Instead these dedicated young people spend the year traveling to college campuses making the Pro-life message known. This seems like an ominous task, but one that must be very rewarding.

I met a couple of members of the organization when they were traveling from Madison, Wisconsin, to visit some of the universities in the St. Louis area. They have also been to Bradley University this Spring, where they assisted the Pro-life group there in erecting crosses in memory of the unborn lost to abortion.

Last week I spoke with a friend in Connecticut. She is involved with a group of women who take the Pro-life message to heart, and who volunteer their time to support those who have made choices in support of life. These ladies make a special commitment to visit the homes of mothers with newborns. They may scrub the floor, or do the dishes, or watch the other siblings so that the new mother can have some time alone with her newborn. They see their work as a practical activity in support of life, and also offer as penance the time they are involved in helping these mothers.

We know that we may offer our time in support of life in many ways, in prayer, in action, for the pre born, for the newborn, and for the aged and the infirm. We should not become discouraged if we feel that others do not understand. Let us have great confidence as we pray that through our actions and efforts the cause of life may be advanced, and that many hearts may be moved to be open to the truth.

Rev Richard Soseman

Chaplain at St Joseph Home and Judicial Vicer at The Tribunal of the Diocese of Peoria, IL 05/97