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Priests For Life


Priests for Life is a national organization founded in 1991 in the Archdiocese of San Francisco by Fr. Lee Kaylor. It is governed by a Board of Advisors, upon which Bishop John J. Myers, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, holds a chair. Priests for Life exists for the mutual support, encouragement, and sharing of ideas for those priests who feel strongly about the need to preach from a Pro-Life position, yet sometimes find themselves dealing with a society that has accepted the "status quo" of legalized abortion and sympathies toward a morality that is contrary to the Gospel. Such acceptance of the non-Pro-Life philosophy creates a significant obstacle in effective preaching and teaching.

The Peoria Diocesan chapter is not an activist group. Though certain individuals within the Pro-Life movement find such involvement to be appropriate, the local chapter does not envision such tactics being used. We hope to establish a local network for the education and support of our priests primarily, and then, through their preaching and teaching, the rest of the faithful. Bishop Myers appointed Father Thomas Miller, Pastor of St. Bernard Church in Peoria, as the Director for the local group. The organization will meet several times a year in both large and small groups to achieve their goals.

The Catholic Diocese of Peoria has approximately 250 diocesan and 60 religious order priests serving the faithful. All priests are welcome and encouraged to take an active part in Priests for Life. 

Reverend Thomas Miller 05/94