Pastors Speak

Conception, A Miracle Indeed

Every time a baby is conceived, two people participate to make this miracle possible. However, in today’s society, there is a tendency to see this miracle as a crisis, and particularly to see the pregnancy as a crisis for only the woman. Whatever happened to the man’s responsibility in this process? Often, men are simply ignored, or at best, blamed for creating the crisis. A baby is usually conceived by two consenting persons. Therefore, in most cases, the blame can be shared more equally than we like to admit.

However, the problem lies not in accurately placing blame, so much as in the failure of everyone involved to accept responsibility for their own actions. We have witnessed with some of our Pro-Life efforts that the more we point fingers of accusation, the more people try to justify their behavior. The more we accuse, the more they seek to excuse. The truth that this behavior is destructive does need to be proclaimed, but in such a manner that the people can receive it. God’s word says, "Speak the truth in love." So often the truth seems to be cloaked in self-righteousness instead. Statements like "I don’t understand how anyone could do such a thing!" are an example. Most likely, if there is no room for compassion, there will be no room for repentance.

People will not change their minds and hearts about abortion until we acknowledge their pain and show we care more about them than we do about their sinful decisions. After all, aren't we all seeking unconditional love ... the kind of love that understands and shares the pain and forgives? This kind of Godly love not only protects the unborn, but also those born into this world who have lost their way. The best way to protect anyone is to introduce them to the One who can lead us away from temptation, forgive, and deliver us from evil. Our first and primary goal as Christians is to lovingly lead people to Jesus Christ. Only He can change hearts. Through His powerful love, He can show us all the precious value of life in all its stages, from conception to eternity.

The conception of a child was designed to be an act of love and commitment; if these two elements are missing, the act should not take place. Therein lies the original sin, without which abortion would no longer exist. We must start exploring the root causes and addressing the needs that result. At the root of it all is our failure to lovingly commit our lives completely to Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Without Him, our lives are a crisis; but with Him, we can truly live redeemed and responsible lives.

That is a miracle indeed.

Pastor Harry Losey

First Presbyterian Church of Princeville, 01/95