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Winter 2016

NRLC 2016 - Dan Bohan's Notes

The vice-president of Central Illinois Right to Life recently attended the National Right-to-Life Convention (NRLC 2016). These are his notes regarding what he learned.  NRLC 2016 - Dan Bohans Report

One area covered at the convention was Advanced Care Planning (ACP).  A relatively new idea in the medical world, it can save insurance companies money by convincing people to sign a document stating a preference for hospice care rather than life-saving treatment.  There is some pending legislation related to this, some good bills and some not-so-good.  Please see

Pro-Life Clothing

If you care about Pro-Life issues, you Probably want your clothing to show what you believe in.  You might be interested in this organization that is launching a new Pro-Life clothing line:

News About the Girl Scouts

Missouri Right to Life Policy on the Girl Scouts

100 Questions for the Girl Scouts

Gregg Cunningham’s Reply to Simcha Fisher’s Demand that the Pro-Life Movement Cover Up the Horror of Abortion

In a National Catholic Register essay titled “Eight Reasons Not to Use Graphic National Abortion Images at the March for Life,” Simcha Fisher breathlessly proposes one self-defeating solution to a litany of problems which exist largely in her fertile imagination. She concedes that “Americans are tragically ignorant about what abortion really is …” but then lurches to the head-scratching conclusion that abortion photos should never be shown in public – and only in private “as a last resort.” Ms. Fisher, after forty years of failed effort to outlaw abortion, and a body-count reaching more than fifty million dead babies, this IS the last resort!  Click to read full story.