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Jason Jones Bio and Publicity Campaign for January Rally

For our Respect for Human Life Rally in January, we have booked a remarkable speaker named Jason Jones.  He is a film producer, author, activist, and human rights worker. For the past 20+ years, he has worked to defend the most vulnerable — from the homeless on the streets of Los Angeles to persecuted Christians in Africa, from women in crisis pregnancies to victims of “honor killing” in Iran.

Jason attended the University of Hawaii, after a tour serving in the U.S. infantry. At University of Hawaii, he founded the Pro-Life Student Union and served as state chairman of Young Americans for Freedom. Jason would go on to serve as director of Hawaii Right to Life, national youth director of the American Life League, grassroots director of Brownback for President, and public relations director for the world’s largest international pro-life organization, Human Life International.  He has appeared in defense of the most vulnerable members of the human family on ABC, Fox, CNN, and hundreds of radio programs nationwide.

Jason is the Founder of HERO [Human-Rights Education and Relief Organization] a non-profit that promotes human dignity regardless of ability, age, status, race, or geography.  He spearheaded a HERO initiative to bring clean water to suffering refugees in South Sudan. In 2009, despite the government’s warning of unsafe travel, Jason visited Darfur and inspected 26 new water wells and distributed $2 million in food, medicine, and other aid. He is currently leading an effort to provide emergency aid to the victims of ISIS in Iraq.

Jason was a producer on the 2006 prolife film Bella which won several film industry awards, most notably the People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival.  Bella has inspired hundreds of women in crisis pregnancies to choose life.

He was the associate producer of the 2008 film on honor killings, The Stoning of Soraya M., which won the NAACP Image Award in 2010 as well as the Los Angeles Film Festival Audience Award in 2009.

 His short films include “Eyes to See” (2010), “Crescendo” (2011) and “Sing a Little Louder”(2015).  “Crescendo,” whose executive producer was Patti Mallette (mother of Justin Bieber) raised millions of dollars for women and children in crisis pregnancy centers. He was producer in 2012 of the TV movie Mother Marianne: Portrait of a Saint.

Jason’s first book, The Race to Save Our Century: Five Core Principles to Promote Peace, Freedom, and a Culture of Life, appeared in September 2014.

Jason lives in Hawaii, with his wife and seven children.

BECAUSE WE HAVE A REMARKABLE SPEAKER:  We want push the event to draw a large crowd.  We are looking for volunteers for telephoning people to give them a personal invitation to attend the Rally.  The people to be called could come from CIRTL’s database or from a parish prayer chain (get permission first) or from your own list of friends.

If you can help to make phone calls, please contact Dan Bohan at 309-682-1089 or

The Abortion Report

  • by Sister Mary Jo Yutt

In Peoria there is a facility that is limited only to abortion or related services and is staffed by just a few people.  At the present time, it is generally open once a week for medical abortions.  It is now open two or three times a week for the chemical (the Pill or #486) type of abortion.

For many years (since 1997) picketers have been present, who have maintained a record of approximate number of clients when the abortionist has come.  Each month a report was given to the picketers to show the increase or decrease of clients and a comparison is made of the number of clients of the previous years and the current year.  It shows that the number of clients is declining steadily and this year indicates a decrease of about 250 clients from last year.  Please remember that these are approximate numbers from the observations of the regular picketers.  It is impossible to determine the number of chemical abortions.

The method of counting?  The client of a medical abortion requires a driver; therefore, a car entering the facility with two people usually means that one has come for an abortion.  The picketers have identified the car and the abortionist, who is from Granite City and only comes on Wednesdays.

From the records:
2014, October total - 1005
2015, October total - 887
2016, October total - 758
2017, October total - 513

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Gregg Cunningham’s Reply to Simcha Fisher’s Demand that the Pro-Life Movement Cover Up the Horror of Abortion

In a National Catholic Register essay titled “Eight Reasons Not to Use Graphic National Abortion Images at the March for Life,” Simcha Fisher breathlessly proposes one self-defeating solution to a litany of problems which exist largely in her fertile imagination. She concedes that “Americans are tragically ignorant about what abortion really is …” but then lurches to the head-scratching conclusion that abortion photos should never be shown in public – and only in private “as a last resort.” Ms. Fisher, after forty years of failed effort to outlaw abortion, and a body-count reaching more than fifty million dead babies, this IS the last resort!  Click to read full story.