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Winter 2016

Sanctity of Human Life Rally - January 19, 2017


Plan to join us for this important event.  The Sanctity of Human Life Rally will be at 7:00 PM on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at Riverside Church, 207 NE Monroe Street in downtown Peoria.  We have received word that Tom Brejcha, who had been planned as the keynote speaker, is now scheduled to have quadruple bypass surgery and will not be able to make it to the Sanctity of Human Life Rally.

As a substitute for Tom, we are bringing in three qualified pro-life speakers.

Tom Olp is an attorney who is currently serving as Vice President and General Counsel for Connor-Winfield Corporation in Aurora, Illinois. He is co-executive director of the Thomas More Society in Chicago and has devoted significant time volunteering on their major cases, including the cases involving the abortion mega mill in Aurora, Illinois, and several First Amendment cases.

Joe and Ann Scheidler, from the Pro Life Action League, have been active for many years in the pro-life movement. Joe has fought for the unborn since the Supreme Court allowed abortion on demand with its 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling. He was the target of a lawsuit brought by the National Organization for Women under federal racketeering laws. Joe’s new book, Racketeer for Life: Fighting the Culture of Death from the Sidewalk to the Supreme Court, tells the story of his life of pro-life efforts.

NRLC 2016 - Dan Bohan's Notes

The vice-president of Central Illinois Right to Life recently attended the National Right-to-Life Convention (NRLC 2016). These are his notes regarding what he learned.  NRLC 2016 - Dan Bohans Report

One area covered at the convention was Advanced Care Planning (ACP).  A relatively new idea in the medical world, it can save insurance companies money by convincing people to sign a document stating a preference for hospice care rather than life-saving treatment.  There is some pending legislation related to this, some good bills and some not-so-good.  Please see

Pro-Life Clothing

If you care about Pro-Life issues, you Probably want your clothing to show what you believe in.  You might be interested in this organization that is launching a new Pro-Life clothing line:

News About the Girl Scouts

Missouri Right to Life Policy on the Girl Scouts

100 Questions for the Girl Scouts

Gregg Cunningham’s Reply to Simcha Fisher’s Demand that the Pro-Life Movement Cover Up the Horror of Abortion

In a National Catholic Register essay titled “Eight Reasons Not to Use Graphic National Abortion Images at the March for Life,” Simcha Fisher breathlessly proposes one self-defeating solution to a litany of problems which exist largely in her fertile imagination. She concedes that “Americans are tragically ignorant about what abortion really is …” but then lurches to the head-scratching conclusion that abortion photos should never be shown in public – and only in private “as a last resort.” Ms. Fisher, after forty years of failed effort to outlaw abortion, and a body-count reaching more than fifty million dead babies, this IS the last resort!  Click to read full story.