What We Believe

We believe:  In the sanctity of all innocent human life from the moment of conception to the time of natural death.

That all human beings are granted certain rights by the creator, that the greatest of these is the right to life, and that all other rights are of little value if the rights of everyone to life are violated.

That the primary function of legitimate government is to secure these rights for all and that it is the duty of everyone to engage in the responsible exercise of citizenship to insure these rights for all people, especially for those unable to advocate for themselves.

Adoption, instead of abortion is the loving option. All babies are God's special gifts.

An Adoption Story

What Mother's Day Means To Me

"I'm gonna getcha!" I say as I dart after my toddler. He squeals with delight and dives onto the carpet. I reach down and start tickling. "Mommy! Mommy!" he shouts between bursts of laughter. What a wonderful child he is! So full of life, energy, and smiles.

I love being a mother. It's what I've always wanted to be since I was a little girl. Mother's Day is very special to me. Especially now. A few years ago I had my hardest Mother's Day ever.

It was my 30th birthday, and after eight years of marriage, we still were not blessed with any children. I watched my sisters and many friends have babies, but none came for me-

But that all changed when our precious son, Vincent, was born. Now I am forever grateful to another mother. You see, I didn't give birth to Vincent. A beautiful young woman conceived him and carried him for nine months.

She had two little ones at home, was not married, and was on welfare. She realized she would not be able to provide a secure home for this tiny one. She loved him so much, she wanted a better life for him. She wanted him to have a mother and a father.

She met us and chose us to be his parents through adoption. We were present at his birth and brought him home from the hospital.

For several weeks thereafter I cried easily. I cried for joy at finally being a mother of such a beautiful, precious boy. But I also cried for his birth mother. I cried because of the sacrifice she made. I cried because she had taken such good care of herself so that we could have a wonderfully healthy baby. I cried because of the gift she offered us. What a gift! Could anyone give us anything of greater value? A million dollars wouldn't come close. I'm sure some of her friends or family members suggested she have an abortion. It makes me shudder to think what could have happened to him. And I cry again. I cry for so many other precious, beautiful babies that are not given the chance to live, to laugh, to love, and to be loved. And I cry for those women with that heavy ache in their heart; that yearning to be called "Mommy" by a little one reaching his arms up to be held.

This Mother's Day, I pray for other young women who are faced with an unwanted pregnancy. I pray that they will have the love, the strength, and the courage to follow the example of Vincent's birth mother.

She is forever my hero.

Lori Ramirez

Lori is a member of the Board of Directors of Central Illinois Right to Life, Inc. She is available for speaking engagements on the subject of adoption and Pro Life issues.


An Adoption Story #2

Let's Throw Her In The Trash!

"Let's throw Julie in the trash!" my 6-year old son whispered to me while giving his 3 -year old sister a dirty look. "Vincent, what a terrible thing to say!" I retorted. "I know you're angry at Julie right now, but you should never say things like that!,' "What? What did he say?" Julie asked. I certainly was not going to tell her, but before I could say anything Vincent spoke up with a snarl, "I said 'let's throw Julie in the trash' ha ha ha!" Julie broke into a smile and started laughing. Well, at least she wasn't upset, I thought. Vincent started laughing too and they both began joking about throwing each other in the trash. I rolled my eyes and gathered up our wastebaskets. It was the day to put the trash out on the curb.
As I walked into my bedroom, I suddenly stopped and gasped. "Let's throw Julie in the trash." The words echoed in my mind. Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized the significance of Vincent's words. My precious 3-year-old daughter was almost thrown in the trash! Like the pictures of the pre born children discarded like waste in a trash can, my Julie almost suffered the same fate.

When Julie's birth mother was pregnant, she did what so many people believe is the normal course of action for one in her situation. She was in high school; the birth father had no interest in becoming a father; she was completely unprepared to raise a child. So she made an appointment at an abortion clinic. Her problem would soon be over, she thought, and she could get on with her life.

As the date approached, she was still determined to go through with the abortion. However, through the gentle but honest persuasion of a young pro-life woman who happened to work with her mother, the truth began to emerge that would soon cause a change of mind. When she realized that the abortion not only might not be the end of her problems, but also could actually pose health risks that could even lead to sterilization, she decided, at the last minutes not to go through with it. What if she could never have a baby again? The thought was too much to bear. She decided adoption was the only option for her.

Little Julie was born on my birthday. Her birth mother had met us and chose us to be her parents. Could she ever know what a tremendous birthday present she gave me? Does she realize what a gift Julie is to our whole extended family, our friends, our neighbors? Julie's laughter and smiles, her cute and smart little conversations, her beautiful face - how blessed we all are to have her. How many people will be blessed because Julie is here?

On our last birthday, I found myself paying bills at 11:00 p.m. The house was quiet and still. I wrote a check to donate money to a pro-life organization. I decided to include a short note, "This donation is in honor of our daughter, Julie, whose third birthday is today. She almost didn't make it into the world and into our family.. Her birth mother had scheduled an abortion. Thank God she changed her mind and I have my wonderful daughter. God bless your work."

I sealed up the envelope, put on a return label and a stamp and put it aside to be mailed with the bills the next day. Then I walked quietly into Julie's room, I knelt down beside her bed. The night-light glowed softly on her face. She looked so beautiful, like an angel. I began to sob and my heart was full with deep gratitude that Julie was alive, that she was here, that she was my precious daughter.

Now, whenever I take out the trash, I think about Vincent's remark. It reminds me to pray for other babies and their mothers caught in the same situation. How beautiful, unique, and special our children are. No child should ever be thrown in the trash!

Lori Ramirez

Lori is a member of the Board of Directors of Central Illinois Right to Life, Inc. She is available for speaking engagements on the subject of adoption and Pro Life issues.