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Some thoughts about the contributors to abortion and the so called village that claims to be necessary to raise a child but often seeks to abort other children.

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Thoughts on school violence From Central Illinois Right To Life

It Takes A Village

To Abort A Child

Central Illinois Right To Life recently received the following via email. We thought it worth passing on to the visitors of our site. All comments should be directed to the author.

It Takes A Village To Abort A Child

It takes females who don't love themselves enough to say no to sex until marriage.

It takes males who are not willing to accept responsibility for their actions and become fathers for their children.

It takes parents to sign permission slips for their daughters' abortions.

It takes a doctor who abandons the Hippocratic Oath, part of which states, "I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel, and in like manner I will not give a pessary to a woman to produce abortion".

It takes a society that doesn't hold up the proper moral standards.

It takes churches who are not reaching the multitudes with God's plan for our lives.

It takes legislators who lack the courage to repeal Roe v. Wade.

It takes a First Lady who cares more for protecting abortion clinics than the souls of unborn children and their mothers.

It takes a President who vetoes every bill to ban partial birth abortion.

It takes a village to turn its head and look the other way.

Yes, it takes a village to abort a child...

Please pray for everyone on this list, that their eyes be opened, their hearts be changed, their sins be forgiven. Together we can stop this holocaust against God's children.

". . . therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:" Deuteronomy 30-19 KJV

Copyright 2009, Cindy Moon
Email At:  MyChoiceLife@hotmail.com

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Don't think that abortion is violence? The Truth About Partial Birth Abortion may change your mind.

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