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The Hope Of Our Sure Victory - a pro life sermon outline, which you are free to use.

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Pro Life Sermon

Pro Life Sermon

This is the outline of a pro life sermon first delivered at Canton Illinois' "Living Alternatives Women's Pregnancy Center" Annual Fund Raising Banquet, 24 October 1997


Before Prayer: I Am Humbled and Honored To Be Here This Evening. Will you Bow With me In Prayer?


* If you Are At All Like me, Then you Are Often Tempted To Get DISCOURAGED When you Look Around, and See All The EVIL That Is In The World Today-- Especially As It Pertains To The Issues Of LIFE!
* But EVERY TIME I Get Discouraged, God Assures me Of His SOVEREIGNTY, and Of The HOPE Of Our SURE VICTORY.
* In Actual Fact, It Is The Enemies Of God, and Of His Truth, Who Are "Running Scared" Today. It Is THEY Who Know Implicitly That their Time Is Short, and That their Doom Is Sure! (As Sure, For Instance, As The FALL Of The Old SOVIET UNION.)
* We Christians Ought To Filled With Encouragement and Confidence As we Face The Future-- Knowing That our Victory Over The Temporal Issues Of Life Is As GUARANTEED As The VICTORY Christ Has Already WON Over Death, (Through His Resurrection)!
* Let me Challenge you This Evening With THREE Reasons Why we Ought To Be Encouraged, and Excited About our ROLE In The World Today. (After All, Every Preacher Has THREE Points; Right?!)
* After That, we Will Look At Some Practical APPLICATIONS--Those Things The Lord Would Call On us To DO.

I. First, The Hope Of Our Sure Victory Is Built On God's PAST Faithful- ness Let us Now Break This Down Into Two Categories.
A. Initially, Consider BIBLICAL History With me.
1. Whenever, and Wherever EVIL Ran Rampant In The Scriptural Account Of History-- God ALWAYS Stepped In To Arrest It, and To Bring About a Fresh REFORMATION.
2. We Have EXAMPLES Of This In The Following Texts:
a. Gen. 6:5-8 (Selected): "Then The Lord Saw That The Wickedness Of Man Was Great In The Earth, and That Every Intent Of The Thoughts Of his Heart Was Only Evil Continually. . . . So The Lord Said, 'I Will Destroy Man Whom I Have Created From The Face Of The Earth' . . . But NOAH Found GRACE In The Eyes Of The Lord." God Then REBUILT The World, Starting With NOAH!
b. Then, There Is 2 Ki. 23:24--After Generations Of Unfaithfulness Of Varying Degrees, God Raised Up The Great Judean King JOSIAH, At The Very Time That The WORD Of God Was Rediscovered In The Temple. We Read These Words About This King: "Moreover Josiah Put Away Those Who Consulted Mediums and Spiritists, The Household gods and Idols, All The Abominations That Were Seen In The Land Of Judah and In Jerusalem, That he Might PERFORM THE WORDS Of The LAW Which Were Written In The BOOK That Hilkiah The Priest FOUND In The House Of The Lord."
c. And Finally Gal. 4:4 & 5--When The Whole World Was Dead In Trespasses and Sins, God Provided The Savior--In The Middle Of History--To Rescue His Children. The Text Reads: "But When The Fullness Of The Time Had Come, God Sent Forth His Son, Born Of a Woman, Born Under The Law, To Redeem Those Who Were Under The Law, That we Might Receive The Adoption As Sons."
3. ALL Of Biblical History Is Ultimately an Account Of Rebellion, Repentance, Redemption, Renewal, Revival and Reformation.
B. Then, Consider CHURCH History With me.
1. One Week From Today Marks The 480th Anniversary Of The Formal Start Of The Protestant REFORMATION.
a. When All Seemed DARK, and LOST In The Christian World--God Stepped-In In a Remarkable Way.
b. We Are STILL Benefiting From The Reformation In Great Ways Today.
2. In Our Own Country, When, In The 18th Century Citizens Were Burning and Banning The Bible; and Students Were Taking Pagan Names At our Nation's Greatest Schools--God Also Intervened In a Remarkable Way.
a. These "Great Awakenings" In our Own Nation Have Also Brought About Wonderful Blessings.
b. And we Are STILL Benefiting From These Movements Of God In Terrific Ways Today as well.
3. In ALL Of These Events In Church History (and many more that we won't discuss here), God Has Expanded His REALM, and Caused His LIGHT To Shine Brighter and Brighter Over The Face Of The Whole Earth.

I. The Hope Of Our Sure Victory Is Built On God's PAST Faithfulness
II. Secondly, The Hope Of Our Sure Victory Is Built On God's PRESENT Faithfulness The SAME Lord Who CREATED The Heavens and The Earth; Who Instituted His Covenant Of Grace With Fallen Man In The Garden; Who Raised Jesus From The Dead On The Third Day-- Is STILL ACTIVE In His Church, and In His World, TODAY! Let us Again Consider This Point From a BIBLICAL, and Then From a CONTEMPORARY, Perspective.
A. The Scriptures Are Replete With The Doctrine Of The IMMINENCE Of God's Involvement In His Creation.
1. Consider These Few Examples:
a. Ps. 119:126: "It Is Time For You To ACT, O Lord, For they [The Wicked] Have Regarded Your Law As Void."
b. Is. 28:21: "For The Lord Will Rise Up . . . That He May Do His WORK, His Awesome Work, and Bring To Pass His ACT, His Unusual Act."
c. And Dan. 9:19: "O Lord, Hear! O Lord, Forgive! O Lord, Listen and ACT! Do Not Delay For Your Own Sake, my God, For Your City and Your People Are Called By Your Name."
2. It Ought To Really ENCOURAGE US That The TRUE God--Unlike The Idols Of The Pagans--Is ACTIVELY Governing His World, As His WORD Very Loudly Proclaims.
B. Then, There Is Ample CONTEMPORARY Evidence That God Is At Work Around The Globe As we Speak.
1. Consider The Fact That TODAY The Gospel Is Spreading Like Wildfire In Africa, Asia, South America, and Many Other Places as well. Soon, Formerly Pagan Parts Of The World Will Be The MOST Christianized Sections Of The Earth.
2. Consider Also That, In our Own Country, Many Millions Of Believers Have Awoken From Slumber, and Are Actively Engaged In their Children's Education, In The Service Of The Church, and In The Duties and Responsibilities Of Citizenship.
3. Consider Also The Fact That Today There Are Literally Thousands Of Pro-Life CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS Across The Land, (Like This Fine One Right Here In Canton).
4. There Are MANY Evidences All Around us That GOD Is AT Work TODAY In, and Through, His People, The Church.

I. The Hope Of Our Sure Victory Is Built On God's PAST Faithfulness
II. The Hope Of Our Sure Victory Is Built On God's PRESENT Faithfulness
III. Thirdly, The Hope Of Our Sure Victory Is Built On God's FUTURE Faithfulness The FUTURE Is Bright For The Christian, Not Only Because Christ Is Sure To RETURN (In His Time), and Because Of The Assurance Of The RESURRECTION. The Future Is ALSO Bright Because Of The Inevitable TRIUMPH Of The GOSPEL Over The Whole Earth--That The Bible So Abundantly Testifies Of.
A. Once Again, Let's Consider Several Scriptures Together:
1. Lk. 13:18 & 19: "Then [Christ] Said, 'What Is The Kingdom Of God Like? And To What Shall I Compare It? It Is Like a Mustard Seed, Which a Man Took and Put In his Garden; and It GREW and Became a LARGE TREE, and The Birds Of The Air Nested In Its Branches.'"
2. Then Is. 2:2 says this: "Now It Shall Come To Pass In The Latter Days That The Mountain Of The Lord's House Shall Be Established On The Top Of The Mountains, and Shall Be Exalted Above The Hills; and All Nations Shall Flow To It."
3. And Finally Is. 9:7: "Of The Increase Of His [Christ's] Government and Peace There Will Be No End, Upon The Throne Of David and Over His Kingdom, To Order It and Establish It With Judgment and Justice From That Time Forward, Even Forever. The Zeal Of The Lord Of Hosts Will Perform This."
B. ALL Of These Scriptures Have Already a PRESENT Referent, In That They Have ALL Been Inaugurated By The Coming Of Christ's Kingdom At His First Advent.
C. But Still, There Is a Very Real FUTURE Referent Here As Well.
1. Christ's Church Marches On, With Inevitable Triumph Before us.
2. [GOSPEL]--Our HOPE Is Ultimately Found In The CROSS Of The Lord Jesus Christ; and In The RESURRECTION-- Both Of our Lord Jesus, and Of Our OWN Resurrections.
3. Before we Consider What WE Are To DO--Let us Be Sure To Place ALL Of our FAITH and HOPE In Christ! (Otherwise, we Will Be Gravely Disappointed.)

I. The Hope Of Our Sure Victory Is Built On God's PAST Faithfulness
II. The Hope Of Our Sure Victory Is Built On God's PRESENT Faithfulness
III. The Hope Of Our Sure Victory Is Built On God's FUTURE Faithfulness
IV. What Are We To DO With This Sure Hope Of Victory? You Might Have Noticed That ALL Of our Hope Is THEOCENTRIC--Based On GOD, and His Word. Our Hope Is NEVER ANTHRO-POCENTRIC--Based On Man, Or Man's Ability. Everything I Am Going To Suggest we DO Must Be Done In FAITH, and In The FEAR Of The Lord. If we Had NO HOPE, There Would Be Little Cause For ACTION. But Since we Have The Hope Of Our Sure Victory, There Is EVERY INCENTIVE To Act! There Are TWO Ways That I Am Going To Suggest we KEEP, Or GET Involved, (and I Want To Encourage you Faithful Warriors Not To Ever Grow Discouraged, Or To Give Up):
A. First, we Must Be Faithful In PRAYER.
1. The Scriptures Say This To us, in 1 Tim. 2:1 & 2: "Therefore I Exhort FIRST OF ALL That Supplications, Prayers, Intercessions, and Giving Of Thanks Be Made For All Men, For Kings and All Who Are In Authority, That we May Lead a Quiet And Peaceable Life In All Godliness and Reverence."
2. We Are Told To PERSEVERE In Prayer, in Lk. 18:1.
3. We Are Also Told To Pray "Thy Kingdom Come," in Mt. 6:10.
4. Prayer Is THE KEY, Because It Pleases God, and It Keeps us FOCUSED.
B. Then, Secondly, we Must Take, and Encourage Others To Take, ACTION.
1. There Are POLITICAL Actions That we Can, and Must, Engage In.
a. The Most Minimal Thing we Can Do Is Something That Christians Are Notoriously BAD At--That Is The Responsibility Of VOTING.
i. It Is a National Scandal and Disgrace That Professed Believers, Through Rebellion, Ignorance, and/or Neglect, Ever Allowed The Current President To EVER Be Elected.
ii. Someone Has Well-Said, "Bill Clinton Will Not BRING The Curse Of God--Bill Clinton IS The Curse Of God!"
iii. Christians MUST Vote; and they Must Vote RESPONSIBLY, Based On The Issues Of LIFE.
b. Believers Should Also Hold Every Possible Political Office.
c. We Should Also Call, and Write, our Elected Officials--Letting them Know our Stand On The Issues--Especially The Issues Of LIFE.
2. Then, There Are SOCIAL Actions That we Can, and Must, Take.
a. We Should Participate In Local LIFE CHAINS, and WALKS For LIFE.
b. We Should Get Involved In Supporting, and Serving On, Local and National PRO-LIFE Boards, Agencies, and CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS. (What you Are Doing Here At "Living Alternatives" Is a Great Example Of What OUGHT To Be Done Everywhere!)
c. We Must Also Keep ourselves EDUCATED Concerning The Issues Of LIFE --Staying Abreast Of What Is Going On Around us.
d. And we Must Constantly Keep PRESSURE On Those Who Are To Take The LEAD In These Areas--Particularly The CLERGY, (Who Tend To Be Among The Most Cowardly, When they Ought To Be Strong, and Take a Stand).

* In Conclusion, Let us Commit ourselves To Doing ALL Of These Things In The LOVE Of Christ.
* Let us Reach Out To The UNBORN Child Threatened By The Abortionist's Knife.
* Let us Reach Out To The ELDERLY Person Threatened By Euthanasia.
* Let us Reach Out To The UNWED Pregnant Woman Who Is Being Pressured To Kill her Baby.
* Let us Reach Out To Those Women Who DO Choose LIFE, and Yet Need Much Help In Raising their Child.
* Let us Reach Out To The Sad Woman Who ALREADY Has Chosen ABORTION, and Now Suffers Greatly Under The Burden Of What she Has Done.
* Let us Reach Out To All SINNERS--Remembering That WE ALSO Were Once Right Where THEY Are--When we Were DEAD In Trespasses and Sins-- Being Completely BLIND To The Truth That All Of us HERE Now Know.
* In ALL These Ministries, Let us Live FAITHFULLY, Motivated By The HOPE Of our Sure VICTORY!


Rev Mark Henninger

Email:  markjhenninger@gmail.com

Read more Pro Life Sermons .

Contact At :
First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown
4127 W. Southport Road
Peoria,  IL  61615
Web Site:  www.jcalvin.bradley.edu

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