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The baby in the womb - A child's report about the development of the unborn inside its mother.

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Central Illinois Right To Life

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

The First Nine Months

My daughter wrote this report in grade school. The time line may be off a few days here and there, but the picture is clear - there are very few children who view the child in the womb as any thing else but a baby!

At the start of a babies life, it looks like this dot . On day one of life , the first cell divides into two , two into four ,and so on. Within five to nine days, it can be determined whether the baby is a boy or girl . At eighteen days the heart and eyes are developing and from twenty to twenty-four days the heart begins to beat. Precious arms and legs are budding in twenty-eight days. By the time the baby is a "mature" thirty day old , it has grown ten-thousand times larger than it's size on day one. On day thirty-five , if the baby could count , it would have five fingers on each hand. In forty-two days , the skeleton is formed. At ten weeks , the child can squint , swallow , pucker up it's brow , and frown. Believe it or not , at eleven weeks , the baby can make complex facial expressions - even smile! Within four months the baby can turn somersaults , swim , and grasp with it's hands. If a six month old baby was born pre-maturely , it could survive. The baby can see , hear , and taste at month seven , eyelids also open and close. At month eight, the baby starts to get cramped. Guess what happens at month nine , the beautiful baby comes into the world. The first nine months of life are truly miraculous. Human life is precious and is to be cherished from conception to natural death.

Psalm 139:14 I will praise Thee ; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made : marvelous are Thy works ; and that my soul knoweth well.


Read Rebecca's Story to learn of one mother's wonderful result of following this truth!

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