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A description of Teens For Life at Notre Dame High School, a Pro Life youth organization in Peoria, IL with contact information.

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Central Illinois Right To Life

Teens for Life at Peoria Notre Dame High School


Teens for Life has grown tremendously. It started out as a small club-of about-twenty members, but gained many members when Mrs. Krone, teacher of a Child Development class, became a leader of it and encouraged her students to join. It has since evolved into an active group of over 200 members, about twenty percent of our school population.

In the first two months alone of this school year, we have held three meetings (a difficult task for a group of this size), held two Masses in the chapel (a monthly activity), and participated in the Life Chain (even though we got a little wet!).

Teens for Life is a very structured, planned organization. It now consists of two co-presidents and committee chairpersons and officers for several committees, including a Baby Food Drive Committee, a Locker Signs Committee, a Writing Committee, a Poster Committee. Each, member is required to participate in at least one committee.

Signs of the organization are present everywhere. Visible signs hang on the lockers of each member. Posters advocating the pro-life movement are posted on the walls throughout each hall and most of the classrooms.

We stand in the Life chain every year and do other activities such as caroling. In the community, signs are seen at St. Joseph's Home at Christmas time, among many others.

We're even represented nationally: each year in January, students from our organization travel to Washington, D.C. for the Pro Life March.

Teens for Life tries to be a positive influence in a destructive world. We try to be a light in a dark tunnel so that others will begin to care about the issues that concern us. It is our hope to change this pro-choice country into a pro-life one.


1999/2000 Mission Statement

Teens for Life at Peoria Notre Dame High School accepts the challenge of educating high school teens about family values, chastity, abortion and the Sanctity of Life. These goals will be met through prayer, presentations from experts, teens educating each other, and the group's involvement in the community. Through God's grace, Teens for Life strives to bring God's will and love to the community of Notre Dame and the city of Peoria, Illinois.

Contact at:

Teens For Life.
Peoria Notre Dame High School
5105 N Sheridan Road
Peoria,  IL  61614

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