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Pro Life letters to the editor (original and unedited) and editorials from the Peoria Journal Star.

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From The Peoria Journal Star Editorial Page

Illinois The Peoria Journal Star is Peoria, Illinois' only major newspaper. Its editorial policy appears to be consistently "pro-choice." However, the Peoria Journal Star will publish pro life letters to the editor in their Forum section. Many of these letters are edited though, and sometimes the main point is weakened or left out altogether. Any pro life letter almost immediately brings a heated response from a pro abortion writer and the Star will sometimes print these responses even if they are personally hateful in nature, but usually will not allow the original writer to defend their name or position. We have contacted the authors of some of these letters directly and gotten their permission to print their letters - in the original unedited version. If you have written original letters or rebuttals to pro abortion writers who have attacked you personally, please send them to us and we will publish them, especially if your local paper would not. Thanks to the Web, the strangle hold of the pro choice establishment on the flow of information to the public is being seriously weakened!!!

Abortion Incompatible With Christian Way Of Life
Father Michael Condos

Pro-Abortion Ministers Have Lost All Credibility
Gary Roseboom

A Challenge To Pro Choice Christians
Dennis Dillard

The Political Candidacy of PP Director Joyce Harant
Karen Campbell

Nuclear Secrets and Abortion
Michael Schwerer

Memorial Day Thoughts
A Pro Life Editorial Adventure with a Pro Choice Newspaper
Dennis Dillard

Body Piercing, Abortion, and Parental Consent
Karen Campbell

Betty Freidan, Matt Hale, And Hate Speech
Karen Campbell

Hillary Clinton speech to National Abortion Rights Action League
Aletha Hatfield

Michael Griffin - The Making Of A Murderer
Dennis Dillard

Illinois The Peoria Journal Star does have one columnist who is Pro Life. His name is Jerry Klein and we include a recent column of his here.

The War Against Abortion Protesters
Jerry Klein

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