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Central Illinois Right To Life

Books And Media Resources Through CIRTL

Illinois Pro Life Audio and Video Recordings as well as Books are available through Central Illinois Right To Life.
Illinois Speakers are available to show videos and lead discussions.
Illinois Listed below are most of the most helpful resources we have available. Contact Central Illinois Right To Life, Inc for information on obtaining these resources.

Items for Sale:
Precious Feet Pin $2.00
Precious Hands Pin $4.95
C.I.RTL. Pens $1.00
Set of Pro Life Postcards (16 count) $3.00

Hard Truth Unmasking The Abortion Lie Video by Gregg Cunningham $15.00

Abortion Questions and Answers (Revised 38) by Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Wilke $3.50
Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions (Revised Edition) by Randy Alcorn $3.00
Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Past and Present by J.C. Wilke, M.D. $10.00
Pro Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn $10.00
Making Abortion Rare by David C. Reardon $10.00

Unborn Babies are People Too (available in gray and white) $15.00

Bumper Stickers:
Choose Life $1.00

Cassette Tapes:
What Clergy Ad Lay Leaders Need to Know About-Abortion by Gregg Cunningham $2.00

Free Items:

This Baby was a Victim of Child Abuse - Information On Partial Birth Abortions.
Abortion and the Christian - Facts and information about abortions
What Christians can do about abortion.
You Have a Right to Know - Description of abortion methods and complications
Mifepristone - Are Women at Risk? - Facts about RU-486 and side effects from its use
Mixed Messages - A Warning for Parents - Information on chastity and how to talk to your children about sex
RU-486, A Human Pesticide - Facts and complications on the use of RU-486
Where There's Gods Will There's a Way! - Information on natural family planning and the problem of the birth control pill.
Tubal Ligation - Some Questions and Answers - What is Tubal Ligation, and the effects and health risks of having one
Milestones of Early Life - Goes through the gestation period of a human life from conception to birth.
Planned Parenthood - the Nation's Leading Provider and Promoter of Abortion - Information about Planned Parenthood promoting and supporting abortions.
Depo-Provera "The Shot" The Long-acting, Injectable Method of Birth Control - Information on how Depo-Provera works and the possible side effects
"The Silent Scream: Documenting Abortion from the Victim's Perspective - Abortion Debate with Dr- Bernard Nathanson
The Questions Most People Ask About Abortion - Information and facts on abortion
You are Special - Getting the point across that life begins at conception. Excellent for Kids
Lees Talk - Information on teen pregnancy sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, facts on contraception and chastity
Making a Decision - Choices for the expecting mother. Living decisions
Abortion- Some Medical Facts - Definition of abortion and methods of s. psychological complications and physical complications
Your Rights Denied - Information on the hidden costs of abortion and the losing of parental rights, consumer rights and taxpayer rights
To Save a Life - Information on when life begins and alternatives to abortion
Life Line: What You Can do about Abortion - Educational information on abortion and chastity and adoption
Life Before Birth - Goes through the first nine months of life from conception to birth
Your First Nine Months - Goes through the first nine months of life from conception to birth.
Why Women Abort - Goes through the different reasons -a women would choose an abortion. Excellent information for someone who would like to help someone contemplating an abortion
Adoption - A Loving Choice - Helpful information on the loving choice of adoption
Hidden Tears - Information for the fathers that have gone through abortion
For Men Only - Information on the development of the unborn child, implications of abortion, what men should know about abortion and information on the different techniques used to abort the unborn baby.
What's Wrong- with Sex Education - What people should consider when your school is teaching sex education. Helpful sex education check list
Will I have to be a Victim for the Rest of my life? - A guide for deciding about legal action when you've been injured by abortion.
Not in the Public Interest, The Planned Parenthood Version of Sex Education - A look at the record of sex education in America society and also in Sweden where Planned Parenthood get so much of its sex education information
What is Wrong, with Abortion? - An Episcopal Physician's Comments Facts on abortion from the view Dr. Carey C. Womble, M.D.
The Deadly After-Effects of Abortion - Breast Cancer - Information on new scientific evidence that the increase in abortions worldwide has caused a sharp increase in breast cancer
Rape - Education information on rape and how to help the victim through her pregnancy
Euthanasia - A Threat to Our Society - Information on the definition of treatment rights and why euthanasia must never be legalized.
Genocide Then and Now - A comparison of the holocaust to abortion
Would You Like to be Really Free? - Information on abstinence
A B Cs of Helping Unborn Babies - Information on Voter Identification Project - What VIP is and how you can be a volunteer.
Seniors Beware - Seniors can play a very important role in the fight to protect all life. This pamphlet educates seniors on abortion and euthanasia and what they can do to help.
"What I saw in the Abortion Industry - Carol Everett, a woman who worked in an abortion clinic and who had an abortion soon after it became legal, answers questions about abortion clinics.
Does Abortion Cause Breast Cancer? - Facts about the increasing rate of abortions and breast cancer
Partial Birth Abortion: Inches from Infanticide - Questions and answers of partial birth abortions.
Norplant: The Sub-dermal Implant Method of Birth Control Information on how it works and the possible side effects.
4/5 Infanticide- 1/5 Abortion - Information on partial birth abortions and what you can do to help.
The Abortionists Betray a Family - A parent's story of how an abortion clinic betrayed their rights-as parents to help their daughter make the right choice.
What Can I Do About Abortion? - Information on facts about abortion and how to discuss the -abortion issue to educate people on abortion and what they can do to make a difference.
Incest - Information on incest and how to help the victim through her pregnancy
The Sanctity of Life - A look at the moral decay of our society and the importance of God's creation, human life
The Pain That Follows Coping After an Abortion - A story of one women trying to cope with her decision of abortion Also goes through the grief and guilt that a women has after having an abortion- Also tells what can be done and who is at risk.
When does life Begin? - Explains the facts of when life begins and goes through the -first nine months of a human's fife.
What They Never Told You About The Facts of Life - A questions and answer guide to educate about conception to birth.
The First Days of Human Life - A look at the first moments of life
Abortion in America - When You Were Formed In Secret - This is an introduction to the implications of abortion in America. An account about you and your life before birth.

Instant Discovery Series Cards
Your Secret Life Before Birth - Questions aiming to educate about life before birth.
Is Your Lifestyle Killing You? - A questionnaire to discover your chances of getting aids.
A Few Choice Words - Educational information.

Free (Local) Loaner Cassette Tapes
Recent Research, W Franz /Destructive Behavior,-D. Reardon
Psy. Reactions of Male College Students, P. Coleman, Failure to Acknowledge Abortion=Death--T. Strahan

Cassettes from the National Right to Life Convention in Chicago 1997:
#I - GS Opening General Session-- Steven Mosher
#3 - An Update on Research (Post Abortion Trauma)--Wanda Franz, Pricilla Coleman
#8 - Dangerous Minds: Pro-Abortion Policies of NEA, J. C. Bowman, Randall UBannon
#12 - Adoption Legislation Recognize Dangerous Language, Mara Duffy, M. S.W.
#20 - G S Accuracy in Media, Brent Bozell
#26 - Beyond U.S. Supreme Court and Assisted Suicide, B. Balch, JD., J. Bopp Jr.,JD., T. Wagner, JD.
#28 - Fact/Fiction: Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer, Joel Brind, PhD.
#34 - G S Euthanasia in the 21st Century, J. Bopp, R- Provan, B. Balch, D. O'Steen, C.Gerster
#35 - The Social Economic Impact of Abortion, Lawrence Roberge
#38 - Clinton Medicare Plan: Health Care-Not There, Burke Balch, JD
#41 - G S The 1st Amendment and The Right of Free Speech, McConneit, O'Steen, Long, Bopp and Johnson
#49 - National and International Activity of PPA and Population Control, Jeanne Head, RN.,and Randall O'Bannon
#55 - The World--Wide Abortion Culture, W. Franz, Ph.D., J. Head, RN., 0. Gans, A. Winkler
#56 - Learning to Speak in Sound Bites, Michele Arocha Allen

Videos for Free (Local) Rental:
One in a Million - 17.30 minutes
A Matter of Life and Death (non-graphic version) - 17 minutes
A Look at Assisted Suicide - 60 minutes
Healing Abortion - Post Abortion Syndrome - Healing and Recovery
Love Them Both - 30 second commercial
Meet the Abortion Providers - former abortionists tell their stories - 28 min
After the Choice - Women discuss aborting their babies - 25 minutes
Just Wait - promotes abstinence - 14 minutes
The Clinton Health Plan:A Closer Look - explains Clinton agenda regarding abortion funding and healthcare rationing - 27 minutes
Saving Sex for Marriage - 15 niinutes

Excellent Pro Life Resources May Be Obtained From The Following :

American Portrait Films
503 E. I 200th St., Suite 103
P.O. Box 19266
Cleveland, OH 44119-1545
Pro-Life videos

American Life League
Box 1350
Stafford, VA 22554
Publishes "Celebrate Life" magazine, "Communique" (pro-life newsletter update), and other excellent pro-life material

Americans United for Life
343 S. Dearborn St., Ste. 1804.
Chicago, IL 60604
A Legal arm of the pro-life movement and primary educational source

Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation
P. 0. Box 700.
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0700
Pro-life TV commercials; publishes pro-life materials

Christian Action Council
101 Broad St., Suite 500
Falls Church, VA 22046.
Organized by Protestant Evangelicals for pro-life activities

Focus on the Family
Colorado Springs, CO 80995
Excellent source for all manner of pro-life materials

For Life, Inc.
1111 N. Trade St.
Tryon, NC 28782
Pro-Life publications.

Hayes Publishing Co.
6304 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45224
One of the most complete sources of pro-life materials

Heritage House
919 South Main St.
Snowflake, AZ 85037
The "Precious Feet People"
All manner of pro-life materials

Human Life Foundation
150 East 35th St. -
New York, NY 10016.
Publishes Human Life Review quarterly. Timely and knowledgeable articles on life issues

Last Harvest Ministries
2720 Stemmons Frwy. #810 South
Dallas, TX @75207
Post abortion counseling and materials.

Loving & Caring Inc.
1905 Olde Homestead Lane
Lancaster, PA 17601
Resource for pro-life and adoption materials, seminars retreats, speakers, etc.

March For Life Committee
P. 0. Box 90330
Washington, D.C. 20090
Coordinators of annual March for Life in Washington, D. C.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
4249 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55409
Deals with abortion issues through education and legislation

National Committee for A Human Life Amendment
1511 Ktl St. N.W., Ste 335
Washington, D.C. 20005
Up-to-date legislative information

National Office of Post Abortion Reconciliation (Project Rachel)
P. 0. Box 07477
Milwaukee, WI 53207-0477
Post abortion counseling and information

National Right to Life Committee
419 7th St. N.W., Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20004
Dedicated to the protection of innocent human life through legislation and education.

Presbyterians Pro-Life Research, Education, and Care, Inc.
P. 0. Box 11130
Burke, VA 22009-1130
Newsletters with up-to-date information on all phases of pro-life movement.

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