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Life In The Real World, or (Compassion and The Sin Of Abortion) - a pro life sermon outline, which you are free to use.

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Pro Life Sermon

Pro Life Sermon

This is the outline of a pro life sermon first preached at the First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown, IL on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, 18 January 1998

Compassion and The Sin Of Abortion

Jude 16-25 - [Aim: To See That All our Triumphs (As Over Abortion) Come As a Result Of Gospel Grace.]

Before Prayer: The Annual "Sanctity Of Human Life" Sunday Always Gives us an Opportunity To Reflect On LIFE, and our Responsibility To Live It To The Full In Christ, and To Promote It For All Other People, as well.



* The Little One-Chapter Epistle Of JUDE Seemed To Be a Good Text For our Consideration This Morning-- Since It Focuses On The Threat Of EVIL AND Also On The Sure REMEDY Found In The GOSPEL.
* The REASON we Spotlight ABORTION Today Is Because IT, More Than Anything Else, Represents The Battleground On Which The Soldiers Of GOD, and The Followers Of SATAN, Wage War.
* Before I Even Begin, I Must Acknowledge That Many Of you Are Committed PRO-LIFERS. But There Are Some Of you Who Are "Pro-Choice," Or "Pro-Abortion." The Good News Is That It Is NOT Too Late For you To REPENT Of This Error.
* Without Doubt, Some Of you Have Either Actually HAD an Abortion; Or you Have Encouraged Someone To Have One; Or you Have Supported Those Who Promote This Practice From their Political Positions.
* Today's Sermon Is Really Designed To Do TWO Things: First, To Extend COMPASSION and Grace To All The Repentant--Especially Those Who Have Been Affected First-Hand By This Evil; And Secondly, To Set a FIRE Under Each Of us, To Spur us To ACTION.
* Our KEY Verse--v. 22--Speaks Of This Desire: "And On Some Have COMPASSION, Making a Distinction . . . "
* In All Things, we Will Look, Not To ourselves, Or To Any Human Agency--But To GOD For our Help and Success.
* Our GOAL this Morning is To See That All our Triumphs (As Over Abortion) Come As a Result Of GOSPEL GRACE.
* With this in mind, Please turn with me to Jude 16-25 . . .

LIFE IN THE REAL WORLD (Or, "Compassion and The Sin Of Abortion")

I. God Shows Us What We Are Up AGAINST, vv. 16-19 Jude Has Just Spent The Bulk Of This Letter WARNING The Christians About False Teachers Who Intruded Into their "Love Feasts," (Which Were, Essentially, Congregational Meals)-- and Who Sought To Distort their Christian Liberty and The Grace Of God Into a License To Sin. It Is Always Good For us To Be Reminded Of Just How TERRIBLE Unregenerate Depraved Man Really Is-- Because, In Being So Reminded we Are Made Aware Of OUR OWN SIN, and The Marvelous GRACE Of The GOSPEL. Let us Never Forget The Words Of Gen. 6:5: "Then The Lord Saw That The Wickedness Of Man Was GREAT In The Earth, and That Every Intent Of The Thoughts Of his Heart Was ONLY EVIL CONTINUALLY."
I. God Shows Us What We Are Up AGAINST
A. Our Foes' Tactics Are BRASH, v. 16
1. By "Brash," I Mean That--Just Like In Jude's Day--The Enemies Of God Are Without SHAME and RESTRAINT.
2. There Are Some Who Would Even Call themselves "Christians" Who Are Ardent Advocates Of Abortion. [Mention the Head of Chaplains, and his perverse views.]
3. These Types Of People Are Characterized By Three Traits, as taken from this v. 16:
a. First, they Are Marked By DISCONTENT: "These Are Grumblers, Complainers . . . " Abortion Advocates Seek their Salvation--Not Through Christ--But By their Own Wicked Devices--Not Being Satisfied With God's Provision Of The Savior.
b. Secondly, they Are Characterized By SELFISH INTEREST: "Walking According To their OWN Lusts . . . " Abortion Advocates Put themselves, and their Own "Standard of Living," First--With No Regard For Anyone Else, Especially those Who Are Helpless and Harmless.
c. And Lastly, they Are Characterized By DECEIT: "They Mouth Great Swelling Words, FLATTERING People To Gain Advantage." Abortion Proponents Are Expert At This, Capitalizing On The SIN NATURE In Man In Order To Forward their Agenda.
4. One Advantage Accrues To US In This Arrangement, and It Is This: The DARKNESS Generated By The Enemies Of God Provides a Great CONTRAST To The LIGHT Of The Glory Of The Gospel.
5. Let us NOT Be Naive, But WISE, With Regard To our Spiritual Counterparts!
I. God Shows Us What We Are Up AGAINST
A. Our Foes' Tactics Are BRASH
B. Our Foes' Existence Is EXPECTED, vv. 17-19
1. It Is Interesting That Jude Shifts Gears Here, From Those Causing Problems-- To The Christians themselves, By Saying, "BUT YOU . . . "
2. There Are TWO Of These "But You" Statements In This Passage, (The Other Being Found in v. 20).
3. The POINT Of This First One Is Simply To Remind The Church That The Apostles Had Warned them (and US) That, "There Would Be MOCKERS IN THE LAST TIME Who Would Walk According To their Own Ungodly Lusts," (v. 18).
4. A Good Example Of This Apostolic Warning Is Taken From 1 Tim. 4:1 & 2a, etc., which says this: "Now The Spirit Expressly Says That IN LATTER TIMES Some Will Depart From The Faith, Giving Heed To Deceiving Spirits and Doctrines Of Demons, Speaking Lies In Hypocrisy . . . "
5. The "Last Days," Or "The Latter Times" Began (At Least) By PENTECOST (Acts 2:17)-- And I Believe That They Certainly Continue Down To us TODAY.
6. The POINT Here Is That we Should NOT Be SURPRISED, Or Shocked, By What our Opponents Are Saying. Rather, we Ought To Remember That Human Nature Is JUST As Wicked Today As It Was When Adam Fell; and That It Is The Church's Responsibility To Address This Evil With ONE Remedy . . . Namely, The GOSPEL Of Grace!

I. God Shows Us What We Are Up AGAINST
II. God Shows Us How We Are To LIVE, vv. 20-23 The Lord God, our Heavenly Father, Is Very PRACTICAL. He Does Not Leave us With Problems, and NO Solutions. Jude Now Goes Into a Dissertation On CHRISTIAN RESPONSIBILITY--Both Individually, and Corporately. God's Commandments Are NOT Burdensome, Or Hard To Understand. They Are Simple, and To The Point. Here Is What The Prophet said, in Micah 6:8: "He Has Shown you, O Man, What Is Good; and WHAT DOES THE LORD REQUIRE OF YOU But To Do Justly, To Love Mercy, and To Walk Humbly With your God?"
II. God Shows Us How We Are To LIVE
A. We Are To Be EQUIPPED In The Gospel, vv. 20-21
1. Jude's Second, "BUT YOU, Beloved" Introduces a FOUR-PART Expression Of FAITH In The GOSPEL Of The Lord Jesus Christ. (This Is NOT a List Of "Do's and Don'ts"--Independent Of Gospel Grace.)
2. Those FOUR Expressions Of Gospel Faith Are These:
a. First, Employment Of The WORD Of God As a Means Of Grace: "Building yourselves Up On your Most Holy Faith . . . "--v. 20 HOW Do we DO This? We Do This By Knowing, and SUBMITTING To, The Scripture's Teaching About Sin and Salvation (Especially)-- Namely, That WE Are SINNERS; and That JESUS Is our Only SALVATION! [There Is NO "Building Up" Without The Word Of God--and I Reference For you 2 Tim. 3:16 & 17.]
b. Secondly, Employment Of PRAYER As a Means Of Grace: "Praying In The Holy Spirit . . . "--v. 20 This Means That our Prayers Are To Be LED BY The Holy Spirit's Prompting, (Rom. 8:26)--It Has Nothing To Do With "Praying In Tongues." [Prayer Is an INDISPENSABLE Part Of Growth In Grace.]
c. Thirdly, Employment Of LOVE As a Means Of Grace: "Keep Yourselves In The LOVE Of God . . . "--v. 21 This Means That we Are To Express Love For God In ACTS OF CHARITY Toward Others, Especially The Brotherhood. Here Is How The Apostle Put It, in 1 Jn. 4:20: "If Someone Says, 'I Love God,' and Hates his Brother, he Is a Liar; For he Who Does Not Love his Brother Whom he Has Seen, How Can he Love God Whom he Has Not Seen?"
d. And Lastly, Employment Of HOPE As a Means Of Grace: "LOOKING FOR THE MERCY Of our Lord Jesus Christ Unto Eternal Life."--v. 21 This Statement Speaks Of At Least THREE Dynamics:
i. The First Being The Fact That Every Believer Looks Forward To his Or her Ultimate Salvation In Glory.
ii. The Second Is The Anticipation Of Christ's "Coming" At 70 AD--Bringing Destruction On His Foes.
iii. And The Third Is The "Blessed Hope" Of The Second Coming (and The Resurrection), Mentioned in Titus 2:13.
3. In ALL Of This, It Is Very Interesting, Informative, and Helpful For us To Recognize That Jude Sends us FIRST To The CROSS (Before Anything Else)-- and ONLY THEN Out Into The World, To Do The Work Of Remedying The Ills we See Around us--(Like The Sin Of Abortion).
4. (I Do Not Believe There Is ANY Solution To The Abortion Holocaust, Or To Any Other Evil Either--Other Than That Found In The GOSPEL Of The Lord Jesus Christ.) This Means That It Is The CHURCH ONLY That Has The Solutions! As Paul Put It, in 1 Tim. 3:15, The CHURCH Is, "The Pillar and Ground Of The Truth."
5. Let US Be Faithful To Start At HOME, and Work Out From There-- Looking To God's Means Of Grace In His WORD, PRAYER, LOVE, and HOPE.

II. God Shows Us How We Are To LIVE
A. We Are To Be EQUIPPED In The Gospel
B. We Are To Be PROCLAIMING The Gospel, vv. 22-23
1. (There Is Some Textual Variance In These Two Verses, and your Version May Be a Bit Different Than my Reading Of v. 22, Especially.)
2. The MAIN POINT Here, However, Is That Once we Are "Built Up" In our Faith, etc.-- we Are To GET BUSY Applying This Gospel To OTHERS, and To their Life-Situations. (We Are NOT To Keep The Good News To ourselves, As Some Kind Of "Private" Religion!)
3. Our Own Church's Vision Statement Speaks To This Need To Be PROACTIVE, When It Says That, "Our Vision Is To Appeal To our Community's UNCHURCHED PEOPLE With The Practice and Teaching Of Loving, Reformed, and Eternal Values As Set Forth In The Scriptures."
4. EVERYTHING We Do In The Church Is To Have an EVANGELISTIC Thrust To It. This Is TRUE "Covenantalism," and It Avoids The Error Of PASSIVITY and RETREATISM, Pervasive In Most Church Theologies. [In Fact, The Church Is The Only Institution In The World That Exists For The Well-Being Of Its NON-Members!]
5. Let us Remember That MOST Of Those Who Practice and Believe As The World Teaches them (As Per In The Abortion Debate)-- Are Completely IGNORANT Of GRACE and The GOSPEL!
6. Let us COMPASSIONATELY Reach-Out To them, In LOVE!
7. [Verse 23, BTW, Seems To Be Speaking Of our Effort To Minister To Belligerent People; and Of our Need To Have a Serious Attitude Toward Sin.]

I. God Shows Us What We Are Up AGAINST
II. God Shows Us How We Are To LIVE
III. God Shows Us How He Provides Our VICTORY, vv. 24-25 The Concluding DOXOLOGY Found In The Epistle Of Jude Is One Of The Most Glorious Ones Written Anywhere In The Sacred Scripture. In It, GOD Is Exalted As our ONLY Source Of Help, Strength, and Triumph. [A "Doxology" Is a "Word Of GLORY," and It Is Always Applied To GOD.] Our VICTORY Is Found ONLY IN our Lord Jesus Christ, and The Gospel Of His Grace. Here Is How Highly The Apostle Paul Regarded Christ and The Gospel, in Phil. 3:8: "Yet Indeed I Also Count All Things Loss For The Excellence Of The Knowledge Of Christ Jesus my Lord, For Whom I Have Suffered The Loss Of All Things, and Count Them As Rubbish, That I May Gain Christ . . . "
III. God Shows Us How He Provides Our VICTORY
A. . . . Through His Present and Future GRACE, v. 24
1. There IS a "Present" and a "Future" Aspect Of God's Grace--In The Sense That . . .
a. First, Being Kept From "STUMBLING" Pertains To THIS Life; and
b. Secondly, Being Presented Before The "Presence Of God's GLORY," etc., Pertains To The NEXT Life.
2. When It Comes To The Abortion Debate, Or To ANY Sin (Personal Or Social)--we Are Greatly Comforted To Know Two Things, from This Verse Alone:
a. First, That God Is SOVEREIGN: "Now TO HIM WHO IS ABLE To Keep you From Stumbling . . . "
b. And Secondly, That God Is GOOD: "And To Present you Faultless Before The Presence Of His Glory With Exceeding Joy . . . "
3. This Is Of Great PRACTICAL Advantage, and Blessing, For us-- Because It Helps us Realize That EVERYTHING Is Under God's Wonderful Hand; and That The World's Problems Cannot Be Solved By US. Only GOD Can Do That!
4. In Other Words, As Christians, (and Especially As REFORMED Believers), we Can STILL REJOICE (and Even Laugh At) Satan and Sin-- Because our Heavenly Father Is IN CHARGE! [He Is Sovereign, Even Over The Abortion Holocaust!]
5. Here Is How our Confession Puts It, in The WCF 3.1: "God From All Eternity, Did, By The Most Wise and Holy Counsel Of His Own Will, Freely, and Unchangeably Ordain Whatsoever Comes To Pass; Yet So, As Thereby Neither Is God The Author Of Sin, Nor Is Violence Offered To The Will Of The Creatures . . . "
6. Let us Remember That God's GRACE Is More Than ABLE To Meet ALL our NEEDS. We Read this, in 2 Cor. 12:9: "[God] Said To [Paul], 'My GRACE Is SUFFICIENT For you, For My Strength Is Made Perfect In Weakness.' . . . "
7. Are WE Trusting In The Lord's Grace, Today?!

III. God Shows Us How He Provides Our VICTORY
A. . . . Through His Present and Future GRACE
B. . . . Through His Present and Future RULE, v. 25
1. God's Grace Would Be Of LITTLE Value (Or Comfort) To us, If He Did NOT RULE The Whole World!
2. The End Of The Doxology Is Full Of PRAISE To The King Of Kings, and Lord Of Lords!
3. Notice What we Discover About Jesus, and The Gospel, From This Final Verse In Jude:
a. First, That He Is our REDEEMER: "To God our SAVIOR . . . " [Are YOU and I Known By This One Who Shed His BLOOD For Sinners?!]
b. Secondly, That Christ Is our COUNSELOR: "Who Alone Is WISE . . . " [WHERE--and To Whom--Do YOU and I GO For Help?!]
c. Thirdly, That Christ Is our GOD: "Be Glory and Majesty . . . " [WHO Is It That WE Worship?!]
d. And Lastly, That Christ Is our KING: "[Be] DOMINION and Power, Both Now And Forever. Amen." [WHO Is It That WE OBEY?!]
4. The GOSPEL Declares That We Are ALL--(Not JUST The Abortionists)--WICKED SINNERS. The WONDER Of This Gospel Is That Jesus Came To CALL SINNERS, (Not "Righteous" People) To REPENTANCE! (Lk. 5:32)
5. If YOU Know That You Are a SINNER--Know THIS As Well-- That Jesus Christ Is THE Savior Of Sinners--Having DIED On The CROSS (and Having RISEN From The Dead) For His ELECT!
6. Let us Enjoy our VICTORY In Him-- Submitting ourselves Under HIS Sovereign Hand!

* LIFE IN THE REAL WORLD (Or, "Compassion and The Sin Of Abortion")--
* The Abortion Crisis Is a Real MICROCOSM Of The Human Dilemma-- Mankind Wants To Worship Itself, Not God.
* But, It Is Also a Reminder To Each One Of US How SINFUL WE Are; And HOW--As Forgiven Sinners--we Need To REACH-OUT In COMPASSION (With The Gospel) To Those Who Are LOST.
* God Shows us What we Are Up AGAINST.
* God Shows us How we Are To LIVE.
* And, God Shows us How He Provides our VICTORY.
* Beloved,
The Very Women Who Were Paraded Before Courts To Justify Abortion In 1973 (25 Years Ago This Month)-- Have BOTH REPENTED Of their Sin, and Put their Faith (By Grace) In The Messiah!
* "Life In The Real World," Whether It Deals With Abortion Or Any Other Sin--Has Only ONE Remedy-- The GOSPEL Of our Lord Jesus Christ!
* Let us BELIEVE It; and SHARE It (In Compassion) With OTHERS!
* LIFE IN THE REAL WORLD (Or, "Compassion and The Sin Of Abortion")

Rev Mark Henninger

Email:  markjhenninger@gmail.com

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Contact At :
First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown
4127 W. Southport Road
Peoria,  IL  61615
Web Site:  www.jcalvin.bradley.edu

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