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An editorial published in the Peoria Journal Star, about the government's efforts to hamper legitimate non-violent abortion protest.

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Central Illinois Right To Life

The War Against Abortion Protesters

This is an editorial that appeared in the Peoria Journal Star by Columnist Jerry Klein.

It came as no great surprise recently to read that Hillary Rodham Clinton said her husband planned to seek $4.5 million of our money for alarm systems and closed-circuit cameras to protect clinics where abortions are performed. Her speech was delivered before the 30th anniversary celebration of the National Abortion Rights Action League. She said that in the past 10 years, "there have been 7 murders, 38 bombings, 146 cases of arson and 733 cases of vandalism" at such clinics.

Most people will surely agree with her conclusion that "this is domestic terrorism and it must stop. Whatever one's position on this "right" to abortion, the killing of doctors and the bombing of clinics is quite unacceptable. Its main result, in fact, has been to stir up antagonism to legitimate non-violent opponents to this "right" to abortion.

And yet Mrs. Clinton's announcement raises some provocative questions, not all of which are helpful to the pro-abortion cause. Consider, for instance, the curious fact that an establishment whose business is the dismemberment and disposal of pre born children should require such federally financed protection. This, to be sure, might be regarded as an indictment of the crazies who might be tempted to bomb clinics, but it is also a recognition that the clinics themselves are something of an embarrassment, even to an administration whose only consistent plank has been pro-abortion.

Normally, the only places to receive government funds for protective purposes are government-run, such as the U. S. Capitol, embassies, military bases, courthouses and the like. Convenience stores, which have been the scenes of far more violence and homicide than abortion clinics, have not, insofar as I know, been awarded government funds to buy surveillance cameras or bulletproof glass. Why not?

And why should the government become involved in the protection business at all? Will the Clintons subsidize a security system for my house?

Furthermore, such increased precautions at these clinics would be an added restriction on those peaceable protesters who pray outside abortion clinics and whose rights of assemblage and freedom of expression have already been seriously eroded by a hostile administration

Curious that the folks who protest the killing of whales or the grinding of horses into pet food have had none of their freedoms abridged. They, along with the tree-huggers and baby seal advocates, are celebrated as environmental heroes. But those who demonstrate against the killing of fetuses are, in the eyes of the government and many liberals, a destructive nuisance that must be gotten rid of.

Yes, "Roe is still the law of the land," as Mrs. Clinton exulted. But the abortion clinic remains one of its most unsavory byproducts. Would you want one in your neighborhood? Do you have the stomach to contemplate what goes on inside or how they go about disposing of the byproduct?" No other mercantile (or health) establishment has aroused such opposition, triggered such an avalanche of prayers and such ceaseless demonstrations, the vast majority of which are peaceable.

I presume the Clintons, and many others, might wish that all this visible opposition to abortion would simply vanish. Things then would be quite happy and we could have cute, boutique-style "Babies 'R Us" clinics in every mall in the land. They would become as much a part of the landscape as McDonald's golden arches and nobody would pay any attention.

Unlikely, perhaps, but scary, and possible. Especially if the antiabortion movement were to fade away. This, too, is unlikely, and hardly desirable. For as long as a significant number of people perceive a massive injustice going on, we at least have a counterbalance to a movement whose death toll has exceeded that of all our wars. Its victims have no other voice save that of the protesters in their defense and their numbers add up to an unimaginable loss.

It is worthwhile to speculate where our country would be today, and how many more victims there might be, if it were not for the people who are intellectually, spiritually and non-violently opposed to abortion. All they get from their president and first lady is another surveillance camera in their faces.

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