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In this pro-abortion world, there are some physicians in Central Illinois who are Pro Life and courageous enough to say so.

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Central Illinois Right To Life

Pro Life Physicians Directory

Illinois CIRTL maintains that if at all possible, we who stand for the protection of all innocent human life should secure medical treatment for ourselves and our family from a physician who is unequivocally Pro Life .
Illinois The Pro Life physician is a doctor who will do no harm, a believer in the true meaning and spirit of the Hippocratic Oath which has protected patients including the unborn child for centuries till the pro abortion crowd gained their current power in the medical profession.
Illinois In order to help an make informed medical choice, CIRTL is compiling a directory of those doctors in the Central Illinois area who are known to believe in the sanctity of all innocent human life. Compiling such a listing is a large undertaking and must be done carefully. We will not publish the Pro Life Physicians Directory until it is sufficiently developed to be useful. You can help expedite this project by contributing to the directory.
Illinois This will only be a positive list in the sense that CIRTL seeks to know and include all Pro Life doctors in our directory and that absence from the listing does not necessarily mean a doctor is pro abortion; only that his or her position is not currently known to us to be Pro Life.

For now we list only two pro-life physicians - neither from Central Illinois.

Dr. Luke, (deceased)
Author of Gospel of Luke

The Great Physician, (alive forever more)
He said, "Let the little ones come to me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven!"
and, "Woe to him who offends one of these little ones...".

Contact At :
4100 N. Brandywine Drive
Peoria,  IL  61614
General Email:  cirtl@cirtl.org
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