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When you really understand the truth about partial birth abortion, it is so horrible as to be unthinkable.

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Central Illinois Right To Life

My Reaction To partial birth abortion

Sometimes the broken arm of wickedness (Psalm 10:15) can nonetheless reach beyond its usual realm of evil, and impact us in the most peculiar ways. Such is the case with what I am about to describe - partial birth abortion.

When we think about the sin of abortion, our minds usually swirl around the vast realm of deceit and sadness that accompanies such an abandonment of natural affections. At other times, however, our thoughts focus on the grim and grisly business of the abortionists--and this can cause us to become almost overwhelmed: spiritually, emotionally, and (sometimes) even physically.

After a recent board meeting of Central Illinois Right To Life, many of the board members, and others, viewed a relatively innocuous video describing the abominable procedure we commonly refer to as "Partial Birth Abortion." As I watched this video, and heard the testimonies of congressmen debating the issue and President Clinton's threatened veto of the bill, I was appalled by our President's hard-hearted, and arrogant attitude. As I pictured him biting his lower lip, urging on us his own brand of "Moral superiority and authority," my anger level climbed to new heights. All night long, all I could think of was Bill Clinton figuratively standing in the abortuary, plunging scissors into the backs of the heads of little children struggling for survival, and then sucking out their brains. Even as I went to bed that night, these thoughts remained with me.

In the middle of the night, (3:30 a.m.), I got up to go to the bathroom. As I was standing there, once again the grisly procedure traversed through my consciousness. The next thing I knew, I was crawling out of our bathtub, (for I had fainted there in the bathroom!) Upon investigation, I discovered that I had split open my back (by hitting the porcelain bar in the bathtub), and that I would need to go to the emergency room.

Once there, of course, I was able to tell my story. Most of the nurses and doctors readily acknowledged as well the gory reality of partial birth abortion, (which is, of course, just a more vivid and disgusting depiction of all abortion).

The doctor sewed 3 or 4 inches of stitches into my back, and sent me on my way. Now, when I look at my back in the mirror, I am reminded, in a very small way, of the pain and injustice done those children who are murdered every day, largely through the gross abuse and perversion of power, as so clearly displayed by our President.

Still, in spite of all this, there is plenty of room for hope and optimism. The verse I cited above reads in the following way, (and it is as true today as ever):

"Break the arm of the wicked and the evil man; seek out his wickedness until You find none."

Let us fervently and faithfully pray toward that end!

Mark Henninger markjhenninger@gmail.com

Rev. Mark Henninger was elected President of the Board of Directors of Central Illinois Right to Life in 1997. He replaced out-going President and retiring board member, Diane Conner.

For the straight facts about this barbaric procedure, read
Almost Born: The Truth About Partial Birth Abortion.

Read original, documented research on attempts by Congress to restrict Partial Birth Abortion.

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4100 N. Brandywine Drive
Peoria,  IL  61614
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