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A collection of articles in which Pastors address abortion and related topics from a prolife perspective.

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Unity on the essentials of the Sanctity of Human Life is our objective. We are not seeking uniformity of opinion on all matters.. Therefore, some ideas advocated by the authors of articles on the Central Illinois Right To Life website may not necessarily reflect the the personal views of all the members and officers of Central llinois Right To Life, Inc.

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Illinois In each of our quarterly newsletters we feature an article by local prolife pastors which gives the prolife pastor an opportunity to reach a larger and different audience with his or her views on abortion and related issues. Many of these articles from prolife pastors are available here to view or download.
Illinois If you think your prolife pastor has words of encouragement or instruction for us, please put him/her in contact with us.

Rev. John M. Verrier
Pastor of St.. Joseph's Parish, Brimfield, IL and Pastor of St. James's Parish, Williamsfield, IL

Rev Richard Schwartz
Assistant Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, IL

Rev Charles M. Klamut
Associate Pastor of St Philomena's Church in Peoria, IL

Rev Michael Danner
Associate Pastor of Metamora Mennonite Church of Metamora, IL

Rev Mark Henninger
Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown, IL

Fr Bowan Schmitt
Associate Pastor of St Thomas Church of Peoria, IL

Rev John W Queen
Former Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church of Peoria, IL

Rev Donald L Blasing
Pastor of First Evangelical Free Church of Brimfield, IL

Rev Laurence White
Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, in Houston, TX

Father Jerome Pilon
Pastor Of St Anthony's Parish in Hoopeston, IL

Father Joseph Mary
Community of St. John at the Neuman Center at Bradley University in Peoria, IL

Rev Kerry Frantz
Former Pastor of Hanna City Presbyterian Church of Hanna City, IL

Rev Richard Soseman
Chaplain at St Joseph Home in Peoria , IL

Rev J Mark Williams
Pastor of Saint Peter Church in Peoria, IL

Pastoral Quotes On Partial Birth Abortion
Compiled by CIRTL staff

Rev Rich Boerckel
Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Peoria, IL

Dr Edward Gray
Pastor of Morton Bible Church of Morton, IL

Father William Miller I.C.
Rector of Rosmini House in West Peoria, IL

Rev Harry Losey
Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Princeville, IL

Most Reverend John J. Myers
Catholic Bishop of Peoria, IL

Rev Mark Henninger
Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown, IL

Rev Thomas Miller
Catholic Diocesan Director of Priests for Life

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