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Thoughts from a prolife Pastor about the lack of value placed on the lives of unborn children and on the unrecoverable loss each abortion represents.

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pro life pastors speak out on abortion

What Do You Value

A few weeks ago I heard a sound that brought back a memory that goes back well over 30 years. The sound was a low pitched "flap, flap, flap." Iím not even sure where the sound came from, but the picture that instantly came to mind was that of riding my bicycle as a young boy. The sound was the same as the one made when we would take baseball cards and clothes pin them on our bicycles in such a way to allow contact with the spokes. As you peddled down the road you would hear that low pitched "flap, flap, flap."

I wonder how I could have wasted such a valuable piece of cardboard for a momentary pleasure of "flap, flap, flap." Of course I had no idea that those cards would be worth hundreds and thousands of dollars 35 years later. I literally flapped away thousands of dollars.

Perhaps you have even planned in your mind an archeological dig to the landfill in hopes of finding that box of baseball cards you threw away many years ago. Of course you have no idea where to start digging or how deep or even if they are still intact. But still the thought crosses your mind. Why? You now know that something of significant value was thrown away and you would like it back.

What will it take for a nation to realize that every day that abortion is allowed, the most valued possessions of this life are being thrown away -- children conceived in the image of God. Unlike those baseball cards there is no possibility at all to get them back.

What was the potential of those discarded children? Have we as a nation already aborted future presidents, leaders, scientists, or the one who would have developed the cure for AIDS, arthritis, MS. . . How can such a horrid thing as abortion be so accepted? Simply put, we see no value in children. Today millions of people see more value in an old baseball card than in a baby in its motherís womb. The baby is thrown away, and the cards are kept and protected as a valued treasure.

Lord, give our nation eyes to see where true value lies. Forgive us for the sin of abortion. Amen.

Dr. Edward Gray

Pastor of Morton Bible Church in Morton, IL 08/95

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