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A report on the Pro Life walk and rally sponsored by CIRTL which was held on January 21, 1999 in Peoria, Illinois.

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pro life rally at Central Illinois Right To Life

1999 Walk and Rally for Life

The annual Walk for Life is held each year to mark the notorious anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision known as Roe vs. Wade which made abortion legal in the United states and has led to the death of 40 million unborn children over the past 26 years.

This year's Walk for Life in Peoria was sponsored by Central Illinois Right to Life. It was held on Thursday, January 21, 1999, at 6:30 P.M. Participants met at the Peoria County courthouse at that time but because of the thunderstorms with heavy lightening and torrential rain which blanketed Peoria that evening, (can you believe thunder storms in Illinois in January?) the walk had to be canceled and participants went directly to the 7:00 P.M. Sanctity of Human Life Rally at Sacred Heart Church (next to the Peoria Civic Center).

The rally was attended by about 200 people. It featured a musical prelude by Dan Weil and Harold De Cou and special music by the Burnett Family Singers and Reflections of Him. There were greetings and remarks by the Honorable Bud Grieves, mayor of Peoria, Illinois, and former mayor Jim Maloof spoke and led the assembly in the singing of Amazing Grace. A report on the Women's Pregnancy Center was given by WPC Director Myfanwy Saunders. Information about Central Illinois Right To Life was presented by CIRTL office staffer Kathleen Miller and by CIRTL board members Mark Lang and Mark Henninger.

The Keynote Message which challenged all of us not to give up in the struggle for life was delivered by Rev John Queen, Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church of Peoria, IL.

The Family Resources Center at 321 Main Street in Peoria, held an open house prior to the Walk for Life from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m Contact the Family Resources Center for more information about their services.

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