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A report on the Forty Hour Prayer Vigil sponsored by CIRTL held January 20 - 22, 1999 outside the abortion mill in Peoria, Illinois.

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pro life prayer vigil at Central Illinois Right To Life

Forty Hour Prayer Vigil
"Could you not keep watch for one hour?"

Mark 14:37
A Prayer Vigil was held to mark the 26th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. It began on Wednesday, January 20th, 1999 at 7:00am at the abortion center on North University St. in Peoria and continued during waking hours until the evening of Friday, January 22nd.

Many Pro Life people stood and prayed for one or more hours for the Mothers of aborted children since Roe v. Wade on January 22nd, 1973.

The vigil was organized by CIRTL board member Dan Smith and he will post a comprehensive report about the vigil here soon.

To comment or learn about future events like this call Dan Smith at (309)691-3611 or contact him by email at: instantfamily@home.com, or contact Central Illinois Right To Life.

Report On the 1998 Prayer Vigil

Over 150 people braved the winter cold, keeping watch for an hour at a time in prayer outside of Peoria’s abortion center as part of a continuous 100 hour prayer vigil, solemnly marking and mourning the 25th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Representing over 50 different churches, they stood in prayer for the millions of children killed by abortion since that infamous decision. They prayed also for the mothers of those children, whose lives have been damaged spiritually, emotionally, and often physically.

Spanning the 100 hours between the January 18th Concert of Prayer sponsored by the Women’s Pregnancy Center and the January 22nd Sanctity of Human Life Rally sponsored by Central Illinois Right to Life, the 100 Hour Prayer was a first of its kind in Peoria and perhaps in the nation. People of all ages came around the clock to pray close to where lives are ruined and lost.

Central Illinois Right to Life extends gratitude for everyone who made this event succeed. May they and the churches they represent be blest.

People who heard of the event were moved by the sacrifices made. Whether it meant getting up in the middle of the night or standing outside during the day, everyone who prayed showed a peaceful determination to pray for abortion’s victims.

All of the media coverage was also positive. The only negative point was the lack of courtesy and hospitality by the management at Carl’s Junior Restaurant next to the abortion center. After their employees at first welcomed the prayer participants and even sent coffee and hot chocolate out to several, the management started calling the police on people in prayer if they parked in their parking lot. Once early in the morning before opening for business, the manager arrived and called the police so that a father who had brought his children to pray before school had to move their car from the Carl’s Jr. parking lot. They had intended to have breakfast there after prayer. Carl’s Jr. lost many sales due to its management rudeness.

Since the 100 Hour Prayer Vigil ended, peaceful prayer continues in front of the abortion center weekly on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 - 10:00 when babies are brought there for killing. Anyone is encouraged to come stand for a while, whether it be five minutes, a half hour, or an hour. Join in prayer for the mothers and their children there. Park across the street on the side road rather than stop at Carl’s Restaurant` (now changed to Hardees.)

Dan Smith

Contact At :
Central Illinois Right To Life, Inc
4100 N. Brandywine Drive
Peoria,  IL  61614
General Email:  cirtl@cirtl.org

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