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With each new mother's day, our culture has become more self-centered, and our appreciation of the sacrifices and love of our mother grows.

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Mother's Day thoughts From Central Illinois Right To Life

Mother's Day

Now More Than Ever - A Day Of Appreciation

Once again that happy time of the year is here - its mother's day. On mother's day those of us whose own mother has died are reminded anew of our loss, but we are also more cognizant than most of that universal blessing of having a mother - another human being who cared about us more than any other person (except maybe a spouse,) ever will. Much time will be spent, just remembering those mothers no longer with us.

If your mother is still with you, take the time to give special honor to her on this mother's day. Thank her for the sacrifices she made for you. Remember her - for all the nights without sleep and the days of hard work that she spent when you were small. Appreciate her - for likely her body was never quite the same after you were born and she spent the best years of her youth caring for you. The enormous amount of resources that you required surely decimated her entertainment and wardrobe budget and the vacations that you went on were not likely the romantic cruises that she envisioned. These are the sacrifices that mothers have always made for their children - sacrifices made willingly and joyfully, because of the natural affection of a mother.

And after all these, if you are an American citizen under 27 years old, be especially thankful for one more thing. Be thankful that your mother chose to carry you in her womb for 9 months to give you life. Why? you ask: because in 1973, it became legal in all 50 of the United States for a mother to terminate her pregnancy at any time during the 9 months of gestation, for any reason. So be grateful that though no law prevented you from never being born, (and indeed there are millions missing from your generation because of legal abortion,) your mother did the loving thing, and gave you life.

Life: It is the most precious gift that anyone will every give to you and me.

Read the story of two special mothers in
What Mother's Day Means To Me.

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