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There are many veterans who are not with us at Memorial Day because they died to preserve our freedoms.

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Memorial Day - the missing veterans.

Memorial Day

The Missing Veterans

This year, high school graduation and Memorial Day came on the same weekend in our area. At service on Sunday, the high school graduates marched in and sat in front. The minister spoke to those graduating about the many veterans who were missing from our midst this Memorial Day, because they had given their lives in military conflict to preserve freedom for all of us. He said that each Memorial Day we should remember the 576,000 veterans who have died in America's wars this century and the many more from past centuries who paid the same untimate price.

As I watched the graduates march in and listened to the sermon, I thought of my own high school graduation in 1972 at the time of the war in Vietnam. I remembered the 50,000 plus who are missing from my generation.

Then, I could not help but think about those missing from the our midst on this Memorial Day in 1999 because of another war. One year after my graduation, in 1973, the Supreme Court launched that war, the war against the unborn child. In every year since, there have averaged 1,500,000 babies who went into the induction office for that war, the abortion mill, and never returned. There is no memorial day for them. And this Memorial Day in 1999, there are close to 40,000,000 missing from our American population because of that on-going war. At any gathering you attend, look around - there are many unseen, empty chairs.

The veterans who died in the battle for our freedom, are remembered on Memorial Day and should be remembered every day. They are honored for the worth of their life and of their death. They are our ultimate heroes. One wonders if many of them would have considered the new freedom created in 1973 to kill ones unborn child, the kind of the freedom they died to protect...

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