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A description of, and contact information for the Liberty Godparent Home, a maternity home located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Liberty Godparents Home Info From Central Illinois Right To Life


Liberty Godparent Home

Liberty Godparent Home
P. O. Box 4199
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Office 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (804) 845-3466
Help Line 24 Hours (800) 542-4453
A Help Line Counselor is available 4:30 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.

Executive Director, Ryan Rush
E Mail - lifekeeper@godparent.org
Fax: (804) 845-3486

HOURS WHEN PREGNANT CLIENTS AND THEIR FAMILILES MAY CONTACT: 800 number is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BRIIEF PURPOSE STATEMENT: The Liberty Godparent Home is a Christian, residential maternity home providing housing, education, medical care, and counseling for single, pregnant young women who either parent their child or place their child for adoption.

WHO LS ELIGIBLE FOR SERVICES: Our program is for young women ages 12 through 2 1. A client MUST be an intake by the 20th week of pregnancy.

FEES: There are no fees for education, counseling, room and board, and classes. Arrangements must be made for the medical portion of the program through the Admissions Coordinator at LGH.

WHO FUNDS THE PROGRAM: Liberty Godparent Home is a ministry of the Liberty Godparent Foundation and is completely funded by churches, businesses, and individual friends of the ministry.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Please see "Purpose Statement" above. We also network with over 1,200 referrals all over the United States and Canada. If we cannot help a caller with our program, we will refer her to another pro-life facility in her area for assistance.


The objectives of the Liberty Godparent Foundation are to change one fife and save another through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ; each goal being equally important and inseparable. The strategy for attaining these goals must be based on Christ's unconditional love and mercy.

Primary objectives are:

1. To share Christ's unconditional love and explain the way of salvation.

2. To provide a comprehensive plan for the care and development of the woman.

3. To specify the alternatives to abortion.

4. To establish and operate a crisis pregnancy counseling center, residential maternity home, and child-placing agency which provides a source of comfort and support.

5. To offer services without regard to race, color, legal residence, economic status, ability to pay or religious affiliation.


The Liberty Godparent Foundation was founded on January 22, 1982, on the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973, which legalized abortion in the United States. It was established as an alternative to the growing tragedy of abortion that sprang from the infamous decision that destroys approximately 1.6 million babies per year.

The ministry began with a crisis pregnancy center, which encompassed a national help line, free pregnancy testing, and counseling in pre-abortion and post-abortion situations. The response was tremendous to this new and innovative method of spreading the love of Christ. In this program young ladies in crisis pregnancy situations and their unborn babies are paramount. Within months, the need for a child care institution and maternity home became apparent. At this point, a state-licensed maternity residence was established which is the Liberty Godparent Home.

As a national, full-service crisis pregnancy alternative to abortion, the Liberty Godparent Foundation is comprised of several divisions. A specialized professional is appointed as the director of each division: 1) Administrative Services, 2) Housing Services, 3) Medical Services, 4) Counseling Therapy, 5) Educational Services, and 6) the Family Life Services Adoption Agency. The ministry offers a Christ-centered program specially designed by loving, caring individuals to meet the needs of young ladies who are faced with a crisis pregnancy situation.

In 1983, the Liberty Godparent Foundation expanded to include the State-licensed adoption agency, Family Life Services. Christian social workers from this agency carefully counsel young women in the maternity home, and throughout the state, regarding adoption placement of their infants.

This agency's services deal with the deep emotions of both the natural parents and the adoptive parents. Special concern is given to the young mother who grieves as she faces a loving, self-sacrificing situation to place the child in a Christian adoptive home. The agency carefully studies and prepares the prospective homes to ensure that proper care for the child is provided. Peace and joy are experienced by all who participate in fulfilling the hopes and dreams of the adoptive families; families who have prayerfully waited for the satisfaction of receiving a child into their home.

As the tragedy of abortion continues each year, the need for Christian alternatives is great. We are praying that God will lead 10,000 churches, organizations or individuals to start a Godparent type ministry. If you are interested in doing this, call 1-800-542-4453 and ask for a "New Ministry Information Packet." Presently, the Liberty Godparent Foundation has over 1,300 affiliate centers on a national referral network. These centers vary from crisis pregnancy centers all the way through full-scale programs containing maternity homes and adoption agencies.

The Liberty Godparent Foundation has ministered to thousands of girls in crisis pregnancy situations since its inception. It is exciting that young ladies who participate in the counseling program are accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and, consequently, redirecting their lives to serve Him. This gives us added incentive and assurance that this is God's work.

Its founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, former Presidents George Bush and Ronald Reagan, as well as many other of our national leaders have praised the Liberty Godparent ministry. It has been termed the spearhead of the alternative to abortion movement in the United States.


With over 1.6 million abortions each year, this is a mission field which is "white unto harvest' (John 4:35). It has been reported that of the women having an abortion, 28% are having a second abortion. The simplest alternative society has to offer the woman with an unplanned pregnancy is the abortion of her child. The alternative offered by the Liberty Godparent Foundation may not be as simple, but they concentrate on supporting one life while sparing the life of a new human being.

Women in crisis pregnancy situations face emotional, financial, legal, physical, and social hardships. By helping them deal with the difficulties and demonstrating Christ's love, the Liberty Godparent Foundation offers the necessary support to meet their needs. Christian values, confidentiality, and a commitment to life are the foundation of the program.

It is important that pregnant women have healthy pregnancies, become responsible for their future, and develop moral principles regarding sexuality and family life. Consequently, in-depth programs have been developed to provide these young women with spiritual guidance, emotional support, and housing when most needed.

Contact At:
Liberty Godparent Home
P. O. Box 4199
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(800) 542-4453


The Liberty Godparent Home provides a neutral setting for each client to make an important decision for herself and her baby. Upon entering LGH, each client completes a six-week Decision-Making Class in which all aspects of parenting and adoption are discussed. Approximately fifty percent of our clients choose active parenting and enter a parenting and well-baby class. The other half chooses adoption and enters an adoption class. An adoption social worker as well as an LGH counselor provides weekly counseling. This allows each client to make her own individual adoption plan specific to her needs and her baby's needs.

Since adoption is a life-long decision, it is important that adoption counseling be an integral part of our program at LGH. We work exclusively with Family Life Services, a licensed child-placing agency, located in our facility. FLS was founded in 1983 and has placed over 250 infants with Christian adoptive couples. FLS carefully screens and approves prospective couples according to state standards. FLS also requires each approved adoptive couple to attend a weekend seminar where each receives training on all aspects of adoption. This entire process takes approximately six months. After training and approval, each prospective adoptive couple completes a non-identifying, confidential profile and photo album, which describes themselves and their lifestyle. Each client pursuing an adoption plan views these albums and chooses the couple of her choice. Following the adoption, each client is encouraged to communicate with her child's adoptive family, with FLS acting as an intermediary, through pictures, letters, and occasional phone calls or even videos. Birth parents or the birth family may send gifts. This process allows for peace and contentment for the birth parents, as well as closure. It is important for each adoption client to feel secure in her decision to place her child for adoption and to know that she and her child is loved and respected by the adoptive family.

It is important that all LGH clients have the same opportunities and choices in their adoption process. Therefore, no private adoption plans ' will be offered. Private adoption occurs when a family member, friend, or acquaintance and a client make an adoption plan or when a client pursues adoption with any couple who has not been approved through FLS. If a client plans to pursue such an adoption, she should not consider residence at LGH.

Please feel free to call FLS at 804-582-2969 if any further questions arise prior to applying for residency at LGH. Submission of an application indicates knowledge and understanding of the above policies, should an adoption plan be chosen.

Contact At:

P.0. Box 4199
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(804) 845-5334 or 845-5336 or 845-2283
Email at : ryanrush@juno.com
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