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An Open Letter from a member of CIRTL, to the new U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Ray H. LaHood, asking that he continue his strong and public Pro-Life position. .

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Unity on the essentials of the Sanctity of Human Life is our objective. We are not seeking uniformity of opinion on all matters.. Therefore, some ideas advocated by the authors of articles on the Central Illinois Right To Life website may not necessarily reflect the the personal views of all the members and officers of Central lllinois Right To Life, Inc.

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An Open Letter

To the new U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Ray H. LaHood

Dear Mr. Lahood,

Congratulations on your recent appointment, and unanimous confirmation as the 16th U.S. Secretary of Transportation. We wish you Godspeed in your service in the Cabinet of President Barack Obama.

As a Congressman, you were a robust champion of the Pro-Life position over the years. We would urge you to continue to take that same stalwart and public stand now, as a member of the Cabinet. We realize the responsibility is heavy and imagine the pressure to be silent on this issue will be immense! But, you are now perhaps the only one with this perspective that still has a seat at the table of power...

Lost, in the urgency of the current economic crisis, is the reality that the pro-abortion agenda is already on the upswing under the new administration. As you know, American tax money will now once again be used to promote abortion internationally with the repeal of the Mexico City Policy by President Obama's executive order, issued almost before the echoes of the Oath of Office had faded. Passage of the so-called "Freedom of Choice Act," thereby removing most, if not all federal, state, and locally enacted protections for the unborn, is also a stated priority of the administration. What comes next? Some indication of what is to be expected can be found in the following quote from the statement issued by the president after he rescinded the Mexico City Policy.

"For too long, international family planning assistance has been used as a political wedge issue, the subject of a back and forth debate that has served only to divide us. I have no desire to continue this stale and fruitless debate."

The juggernaut of "change" is barreling down tracks that have been greased by economic upheaval. This train may well be able to avoid the dreaded depression that is threatening and even outrun the current recession. But with its full head of steam, it also has the potential to sweep away any bulwark of civilization in its path. Coupled to it are Pullmans full of gleeful meddlers, and baggage cars stuffed with their worn out liberal luggage. Economic recovery and stability have never been their priorities. And they will ride this train of "change" for all it's worth, seeking to unload their baggage at every station.

So, yes - the responsibility is heavy. Our economy is on weak and dangerous ground and "change" is needed. But, this great nation has survived economic crisis many times before in her history. It was only the moral crisis of slavery that divided and nearly destroyed her along the way.

In the current crisis, putting the "Pursuit of Happiness" back on track must not be given priority over the primacy of "Life," nor the importance of "Liberty." If it is, we are sacrificing the High Ideals of our Republic on the altar of prosperity - once again.


Central Illinois Right To Life

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