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The home page of Central Illinois Right To Life of Peoria Illinois. Contains current ProLife news and perspectives, announcements of coming events and general information about abortion, euthanasia, and other issues in Peoria Illinois, and beyond.


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We believe :

In the sanctity of all innocent human life from the moment of conception to the time of natural death.

We believe :

That all human beings are granted certain rights by the creator, that the greatest of these is the right to life, and that all other rights are of little value if the rights of everyone to life are violated.

We believe :

That the primary function of legitimate government is to secure these rights for all and that it is the duty of everyone to engage in the responsible exercise of citizenship to insure these rights for all people, especially for those unable to advocate for themselves.

We believe :

Adoption, instead of abortion is the loving option. All babies are God's special gifts.

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Unity on the Essential of the Sanctity of Human Life is our objective. We are not seeking uniformity of opinion on all matters...

Therefore, some ideas advocated by the authors of articles on the CIRTL Web Site, in Central Illinois Life News, on the CIRTL Directors Blog, and on the CIRTL FaceBook Group, may not necessarily reflect the official positions of the organization or the personal views of all the members and officers of Central Illinois Right To Life, Inc.













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4000 babies were put to death today in abortions and 300,000 pulpits were silent...

This is the home page of
Central Illinois Right To Life

A local affiliate of National Right To Life Committee, Inc
and Illinois Federation For Right To Life, Inc

Central Illinois Right To Life Facebook Group
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Central Illinois Right To Life BLOG

STOP FOCA in Illinois
CIRTL is a member organization of the
Coalition to Stop Illinois FOCA

Pastor Luke Robinson: Address to DC Rally on National Mall

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Coming Events

Sanctity of Human Life Rally Peoria The Annual Sanctity of Human Life Walk and Rally will be held on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at Riverside Community Church in downtown Peoria. The rally will feature special music and prayer along with reports on local Pro-Life efforts. The keynote speaker is Sharen Slater of Stand for the Family.
pastor The next scheduled meeting of the CIRTL Board Of Directors is Monday, January 14, 2013 at the Sisters of St Francis, 2408 Heading across from the Rosmini House, in Peoria Illinois at 6:30 PM. If you need directions, email us at cirtl@cirtl.org or view location on Google Maps .
abortoin The next scheduled meeting of the CIRTL ProLife Outreach Committee is Monday, January 14, 2013 at the Sisters of St Francis, 2408 Heading across from the Rosmini House, in Peoria Illinois at 6:30 PM. We will be organizing details for the upcoming Run for Life in August. If you need directions, email us at cirtl@cirtl.org or view location on Google Maps .
picketing Prayer & Picketing continue at Peoria's very own abortion mill. Every Wednesday and Thursday morning, abortions are being committed right here in our city at 7405 N University St (Between Chicago Grill Restaurant and the Army Recruiting Center.) Pro Lifers meet in front of the clinic for prayer on these days from 7:30 am to 10:00 am.
View location to come and pray on Google Maps .
pray Click here to find resources on Post-Abortion Support and Healing available in the Peoria area.

Latest News

election Obama Nation Flyer - Available for print out and distribution.

References for information in Obama Nation Flyer

Private citizens and organizations should inform others of Obama's extreme positions against humanity. Permission is granted to link, forward and make copies of this flyer as widely as possible. Churches and other 501c3 organizations themselves, however, cannot distribute these flyers because their tax exempt status allows discussion of issues, but not the positions of only one candidate. Pastors cannot authorize distribution of this flyer on church property or with church funds, but everyone (even pastors) can educate their fellow citizens as private citizens themselves. Anyone may pass on this information to Christians and others of good conscience, for example, on public property (sidewalks and at street corners and parking lot entrances/exits) even after church. Campaign finance laws do not permit, however, broadcasting such information by television and radio within 60 days of an election.

coupons Central Illinois Right To Life is once again offering the Greater Peoria Dining Tour coupon books for sale. Purchasing this item benefits the Pro Life cause and saves you money on entertainment in Peoria at the same time. Contact our office for details.

Pastors Speak Out

conception Pro-Life Christians do not despair. There are many of the Clergy in who have the courage to speak for the unborn. Read articles by Pro-Life Pastors in our Pastors Speak Out section of this site.
pastors Are you a pro-life pastor looking for help in preparing pro-life sermons. Check out the sermons in our new Pro-Life Sermons section of this site.

The Pro-Life Church

babies Is your Church ProLife? Does your Church acknowledge Sanctity of Life Sunday? Does you pastor pray for the unborn? Does your Church participate in the Life Chain?
 bradley Looking for a Church Home? We are compiling a directory of all the churches in the our area that we know are taking a stand for the unborn.
Browse our ProLife Church Directory.

Pro Life Medicine

bioethical Is your doctor Pro-Life? What is the position and practice of the hospital whose services you use regarding the rights of the unborn and elderly, abortion, euthanasia, and other life issues? How do you find out?
Illinois One way is to contact the Christian Medical and Dental Society. Or, just ask your physician. A truly Pro Life doctor will not be offended and if yours turns out to be pro-abortion, at least you can then follow an informed conscience!


Illinois Check out our collection of Resources including books, videos, and audio tapes addressing current bioethical issues.
euthanasia Read Position Papers from CIRTL about bioethical issues.
Illinois View or download interesting and informative articles from past Newsletter Issues of Central Illinois Life News.
euthanasia Pro Life Letters To The Editor of Central Illinois' leading newspaper, in their unedited, original state - are an interesting read, and are useful in drafting letters to your paper.
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Illinois Central Illinois Right To Life is a not for profit, Pro Life corporation.
doctor Membership is open to all who believe in the Sanctity of all Human Life, from conception to natural death.
Join Central Illinois Right To Life.

How You Can Help

abortoin Volunteer: We need people to spread The Pro-Life message by helping with events throughout the year.
Illinois Give: CIRTL meets the expenses of annual events, purchasing educational materials, assisting other Groups of like mind, and producing our own publications through the donations of our friends and supporters.
chain Join Affinity4 (formerly Life Line) a prolife long distance service and a percentage of your long distance or mobile phone bill can support the work of CIRTL.
picketing Pray: The defense of Life is in the final analysis, a spiritual battle.
You Know What To Do!
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