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A perspective first published in the Forum of the Peoria Journal Star, in response to the Article- We're Talking About Choice - which appeared in the Star on January 21, 2000.

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Presbyterian Church Clergy from Peoria quoted about reproductive choice - Central Illinois Right To Life

Pro Choice Christians

Consider the Unborn Christ Child

A Perspective first printed in the Forum of the Peoria Journal Star. (This is the original, unedited version. Notice the most important part of the logical argument in bold italics, for this is the very paragraph that the pro choice Journal Star chose to edit out of the letter!!!)

At Christmas time, most of the Christian Communions of the world celebrate not just the birth of a baby, (a really rather ordinary event in the course of each life,) but more specifically, the incarnation of Christ - the taking on of a human nature and body by the eternal God the Son. A little thought by Christian clergy or laity will show that this incarnation - this miracle- took place not at the birth of Christ, but at the conception of Christ in the womb of Mary.

Sadly, the joy of Christmas is dampened every January by the arrival of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, with the attending regurgitation of the euphemisms used by those who must continue to justify the mounting toll of death that Roe has left in its wake, lest they have to accept some responsibility for being party to the carnage.

As a Presbyterian, I noted with special interest an article in the Journal Star in which the Rev Anna Saxon, a Presbyterian Minister from Peoria, was quoted as openly and without apology advocating just one such euphemism - the overriding value of "reproductive choice." Parenthetically, I wish such courage and commitment were evident in more of the local clergy who profess to be pro life.

More "pro-choice" Christians should be prompted by the juxtaposition of December 25 and January 22 to consider the plight of the Blessed Virgin: found with child; young and unmarried, and very much in danger of being abandoned by her betrothed, ostracized by her family, and possibly executed by her society. She seems the quintessential poster-child for the abortion rights movement.

With that picture in mind, I would ask Rev. Anna Saxon and all other pro choice Christians, Would it have been OK if Mary had sought to abort her child?

If you say NO! , then I ask you: Why not? What makes the humanity of any unborn child today less human than the humanity of the unborn babe of Bethlehem? And why is this right to choose of which you are so fond, more important than doing good and standing against evil? And where and how did we get this moral right to do wrong?

But some of you may say, Because He was also God. Oh really? Then you admit Christ was who He was at the moment of His conception - not just a potential son of god but as much the Son of God right there in the womb of Mary as He is now and will ever be. Hardly an argument for your position is it?

On the other hand, If you say if would have been OK ... for Mary to seek an abortion...

Dennis Dillard
Peoria, IL

Email Dennis with comments about this perspective on Pro Choice Christians / or to find a Pro Life Presbyterian or other Pro Life Church in the Peoria Area at: dennis.dillard@gmail.com

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