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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOD AND gods - a pro life sermon outline, which you are free to use.

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Pro Life Sermon

Pro Life Sermon

This is the outline of a pro life sermon first preached at the First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown, IL on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, 23 January 1994


Psalm 82 - Aim: To understand Our God-given Duty as Believers, in a dark world.


* The Bible has a text in it that uses a very unusual term in relation to Man--that word is "gods" [Elohim]. He, and He alone, is God; yet the Lord of the Universe chose to use this designation in relation to the Human Rulers in the earth, so as to show that He deigns to share His Royal Example with His Creation.
* Therefore, all references to "gods" in this sermon, are really references to Men; and Rulers, in particular. The Scripture calls these men, "gods", not in any literal sense at all, but because they are, like Him, although in a minuscule sense, Rulers. In the ancient world, Rulers and Judges, as Emissaries of the Great King [God], were given the honorific title, "gods".
* Perhaps this is especially Appropriate because, Man, in his Abysmal State of Sin and Death, imagines himself to be God. This Perversity has led him into all kinds of Insidious Evil--the focus of which today is the Insistence on the Slaughter of Unborn Children.
* The Whole Point of this sermon is basically this: The God of the Universe is Holy, Righteous, and Good. Fallen Man, called upon by God to imitate His Righteousness, is Fundamentally Flawed through Sin.
* Please turn with me to the 82nd Psalm . . .

I. God is GOOD; gods are EVIL, vv.1-2 The Picture Here is of the Lord God in the Heavenly Great Hall of Justice, with the Rulers of the Earth gathered around to receive their just deserts with regard to their stewardship of their Responsibilities.
A. God's Goodness is seen in His LAWS, v.1
1. God's Judgment is based on His Truth, which is Codified in His Sacred Law, which is given to us in the Holy Scripture.
2. His Judgment is always Right, being in full and complete harmony with His Character.
3. Aren't you glad that GOD, and no one else, is in this position?!

A. God's Goodness is seen in His LAWS
B. Man's Evil is seen in his COWARDICE, v.2
1. Why do Men, (Rulers, in this case), Defend the Wicked, and not the "Innocent"? The Reason is almost always tied-up with MONEY and POWER.
2. What it really Boils-down to, is not an Ability to Discern the Truth, But an Unwillingness to Stand for it.
3. This is the Unpleasant Problem that we Christians have to face on a Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Especially do we need to confront our Cowardice because We live in a Democracy--where we are especially responsible for what happens in our society.

I. God is GOOD; gods are EVIL
II. God is COMPASSIONATE; gods are IGNORANT, vv.3-7
A. Compassion is manifest in God's KINDNESS, vv.3-4 These verses are really the Heart and Soul of what I wish to Concentrate on today, regarding Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.
1. He Commands Us to SPEAK for Others, v.3
a. Some unfortunate People are Helpless, Defenseless, without a Voice, without a Spokesman, without an Advocate. Who is to take up their cause? We, the children of God, are--especially in a culture where we have so much Influence.
b. Don't Forget that Each one of us who are known by the Savior Needed, and still Need, an Advocate! We read this is 1 Jn. 2:1: "If anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father who speaks in our defense--Jesus Christ, the Righteous One."
c. Who in our Nation Exemplifies this Need for an Advocate More than Anyone Else? The Pre-born Human Beings, 4,000 of whom will be slaughtered today --many during the very span of this sermon.
d. I am reminded of the Phil Keaggy song, "Who will Speak-up for the Little Ones; helpless and half-abandoned; they have a right to choose Life, they don't want to lose; I must Speak-up; How about you?"

1. He Commands Us to SPEAK for Others
2. He Commands Us to ACT for Others, v.4
a. Words are Good, but they are Not Good Enough. Prov. 24:11-12 says, "Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, 'But we knew nothing about this,' does not He who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not He who guards your life know it? Will He not repay each person according to what he has done?"
b. What Kind of Practical Actions can we take? They Run the Gamut from Showing-up tomorrow night to Voting Responsibly, to doing something for the Crisis Pregnancy Center, to writing letters, to talking to people about the Truth concerning Abortion and other issues of our day.
a. Remember, Christ came to the Poor and Needy.
b. I am reminded of this Lovely Story of Compassion: A small orphaned boy lived with his grandmother. One night their house caught fire. The grandmother, trying to rescue the little boy asleep upstairs, perished in the smoke and flames. A crowd gathered around the burning house. The boy's cries for help were heard above the crackling of the blaze. No one seemed to know what to do, for the front of the house was a mass of flames. Suddenly a stranger rushed from the crowd and circled to the back where he spotted an iron pipe that reached an upstairs window. He disappeared for a minute, then reappeared with the boy in his arms. Amid the cheers of the crowd, he climbed down the hot pipe as the boy hung around his neck. Weeks later a public hearing was held in the town hall to determine in whose custody the boy would be placed. Each person wanting the boy was allowed to speak briefly. The first man said, "I have a big farm. Everybody needs the out-of-doors." The second man told of the advantages he could provide. "I'm a teacher. I have a large library. He would get a good education." Others spoke. Finally the richest man in the community said, "I'm wealthy. I could give the boy everything mentioned tonight: farm, education, and more, including money and travel. I'd like him in my home." The chairman asked, "Anyone else like to say a word?" From the backseat rose a stranger who had slipped in unnoticed. As he walked toward the front, deep suffering showed on his face. Reaching the front of the room, he stood directly in front of the little boy. Slowly the stranger removed his hands from his pockets. A gasp went up from the crowd. The little boy, whose eyes had been focused on the floor until now, looked up. The man's hands were terribly scarred. Suddenly the boy emitted a cry of recognition. Here was the man who had saved his life. His hands were scarred from climbing up and down the hot pipe. With a leap the boy threw himself around the stranger's neck and held on for life. The farmer rose and left. The teacher, too. Then the rich man. Everyone departed, leaving the boy and his rescuer who had won him without a word. Those marred hands spoke more effectively than any words. So it is with Christ, the Cross, and His Compassion.

A. Compassion is manifest in God's KINDNESS
B. Ignorance is manifest in Man's SIN, vv.5-7
1. Sin BLINDS us, v.5
a. We have No Excuse for Our Ignorance. Because we know the Truth, we are under Moral Obligation to Act on it.
b. The recent California Earthquake exemplifies the Frail Nature of Man, and even the Ground we walk on.
1. Our Sin BLINDS us
2. Sin KILLS us, vv.6-7
a. If People, Christians or Non-Christians, Insist on Shutting their Eyes and Persisting in their Sin, then One Result Awaits Them: DEATH, plain and simple. Paul makes this clear in Rom. 8:13: "For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live."
b. The Miracle of the Cross and the Resurrection is that Spiritual Death Need NOT be FINAL! Jesus Christ came to take us from Death to Life! This is what Christ said in Jn. 5:24: "Whoever hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has Eternal Life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life."

I. God is GOOD; gods are EVIL;
III. God is KING; gods are SUBJECTS, v.8
A. This is Our HOPE, v.8
1. We may Never in our Lifetime see the Inevitable Triumph of God over His Foes with regard to the Abortion Holocaust in our Country. Nevertheless, we have a HOPE that can Never Fail, and that can Never be Taken Away.
2. Why is it Absolutely Necessary that God Judge the Earth? Because Mankind has Failed Miserably to Discharge his God-delegated Duties. When God Judges the Earth, all the Weak, Fatherless, Poor, Oppressed, and Needy, will have their Long-overdue Compensation meted-out.

A. This is Our HOPE
B. This is Our GLORY, v.8
1. Our Joy, our Glory, if you will, rests in God's Rule, and in His Rule, alone. Therefore, though others understandably fear the Rule of God, we welcome it, and say with the First-century Believers, "Maranatha!"--"Come, O Lord!" [This Aramaic phrase is actually used in 1 Cor. 16:22.]
2. It is So Encouraging to Note that, "All the nations are Your inheritance."

Conclusion: Beloved,
* The DIFFERENCE between God and Man is Incalculable. The DIFFERENCE between Regenerate and Unregenerate Man is the Difference between Life & Death.
* I believe that the Lord will Cleanse the Earth of those who, through Obstinate Pride and Stubborn Resistance, feel that they alone are entitled to Life and Liberty, and that He will give it to another people that He deems more worthy of the honor.
* Are YOU and I Prepared to TAKE OUR STAND? Who will we align ourselves with--GOD, or gods?
* THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOD AND gods is a Huge Difference--the Gap Between GOOD and EVIL; COMPASSION and IGNORANCE; KING and SUBJECT--are all seen in it. It is also the Difference Between LIFE and DEATH; HEAVEN and HELL; RIGHTEOUSNESS and UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.
* Not only do Others Suffer when we Align Ourselves with the Rulers of this Age, (namely, the Weak and Helpless); but Ultimately ALL THOSE WHO STAND WITH THEM suffer, as well.
* Let us Remember the Little Ones, the most helpless and defenseless amongst us. Let us do so in the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ.


Rev Mark Henninger

Email:  markjhenninger@gmail.com

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Contact At :
First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown
4127 W. Southport Road
Peoria,  IL  61615
Web Site:  www.jcalvin.bradley.edu

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