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Election News: A report on the election to the United States Senate of pro life candidate Peter Fitzgerald of Illinois.

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Central Illinois Right To Life News

Pro Life Politicians

Who says that pro life candidates like Illinois Senator Peter Fitzgerald cannot win major elections?!

The fact is that, in the state of Illinois, the passionately pro-life United States Senate candidate Peter Fitzgerald overwhelmed his pro-abortion opponent at the ballot box in November.

Sen. Fitzgerald now represents one more vote and voice for life in the U.S. Senate--even as the removal of Carol Moseley-Braun represents one less vote for death, in that same chamber.

Why was the Illinois race significant? It was especially intriguing since the popular wisdom of the day would have supposed that the liberal candidate would prevail--given the moral decay of our society. The fact that this did not happen--and that the race wasn't even very close--gives great encouragement to the warriors for life and truth.

As we look ahead to the general elections of the year 2000--let us not for a moment suppose that the issue of life should be put on the shelf, or hidden from the public's eye. Candidates who are pro-life must prove themselves to be faithful and courageous--even in the face of harsh criticism and the distortion of their message.

The pro-life community has a moral and sacred responsibility to vote, and to support the candidates for life. Our failure to take responsibility has led to many calamities--including the election of the present inhabitant of the White House.

By: Mark Henninger
Email Mark At:  markjhenninger@gmail.com

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