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Comfort In The Midst Of The Storm - a pro life sermon outline, which you are free to use.

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Pro Life Sermon

Pro Life Sermon

This is the outline of a pro life sermon first preached at the Redeemer Presbyterian Church of Peoria, IL on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, 19 January 1997

Comfort In The Midst Of The Storm

Psalm 94:16-23 - [Aim: To Realize That, Even In The Midst Of a Great Conflict, Our Victory Is Sure In Christ.]

Before Prayer: On This "Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday" we Rightly Focus our Attention On The Plight Of The Helpless; And Consider our Responsibilities As Salt And Light In The World. The Lord-Willing, we Will Return Next Week To Our Study In Mark's Gospel.


* Our Minds Cannot Fathom The Horrors Of Abortion That Go On Around us Every Day.
* All Of you Men Who Saw The "Hard Truth" Video a Week Ago Saturday Were Reminded Of The Gory Abomination That Is Rightly Called, "The American Holocaust."
* When we Consider That Every Third Baby Is Ruthlessly Murdered Before Birth--(There Are More Than 4,000 Abortions "Performed" Every Day In This Nation)-- Our Minds Cannot Comprehend The Bloodshed.
* My Hope Today Is That, As Christians Who Take The Bible Seriously--(As "Reformed" Believers)--we Will Gain God's Perspective On Life, On Evil, And On How we Should Respond, And Think, When It Comes To Issues Such As This One.
* I, For One, Am Greatly COMFORTED When I Consider That God Is SOVEREIGN. He Has A Design, Even For His Enemies, Which we Read About In Prov. 16:4: "The Lord Has Made All For Himself, Yes, EVEN THE WICKED For The Day Of DOOM."
* But Then, On The Other Hand, I Am Somewhat DISTURBED By The Word Of God, Because It Calls me (And You) To ACTION. These Words Are Found In Jer. 22:3: "Thus Says The Lord: 'Execute Judgment And Righteousness, And Deliver The PLUNDERED Out Of The Hand Of The Oppressor. Do No Wrong And Do No Violence To The Stranger, The Fatherless, Or The Widow, Nor Shed Innocent Blood In This Place.'"
* Our GOAL this Morning is To Realize That, Even In The Midst Of a GREAT CONFLICT, Our VICTORY IS SURE In Christ.
* With this in mind, Please turn with me to Psalm 94:16-23 . . .

I. We Are Comforted By God's MERCY, vv. 16-19 Save For The MERCY Of God Each One Of us Here Would Be Subject To The SAME WRATH That Will Fall On All The Godless--Well-Personified By The Abortion Advocates In Our Society. For Some Inscrutable Reason, (Known Fully Only To Him), God Has Chosen To Extend MERCY To His Elect Children. (You Can Read All About This Marvelous Phenomenon, in Rom. 9:14-18.) In The Midst Of Great Evil, It Is The GRACE And MERCY Of God That Sustain Us. (Grace Being Positive "Undeserved Favor." Mercy Being The Flip-Side, "Not Getting What we Deserve.") Because Of The MERCY Of God, All Kinds Of Good, And Wonderful, Benefits, Flow To us. Consider Some Of Them With me Now . . .
I. We Are Comforted By God's MERCY
A. He Gives Us Fellow-SOLDIERS, v. 16
1. The Psalmist Had, In All The Earlier Verses, Called On GOD To Judge The Wicked, (I Refer you To vv. 1-2). Now, he Calls On GOD'S PEOPLE To Take A Stand Against Them As Well.
2. Sometimes, we Can Feel That we Are All ALONE In The Battle. Thankfully, This Is Never The Case.
3. Recall With me (for a moment) The Episode Involving ELISHA, from 2 Ki. 6. There, Elisha's COMRADE Feels Overwhelmed By The Horde Of Israel's Enemies. The Prophet Said This To him, in 2 Ki. 6:16: "Do Not Fear, For Those Who Are With Us ARE MORE THAN Those Who Are With Them." [In The Next Verse, God Opens The Young Man's Eyes, To See Chariots And Horses Surrounding The Mountainsides.]
4. It Is A Great COMFORT To Know That we Are NOT In The Battle ALONE--There Are MANY Others Fighting Alongside Of us--Even If we Cannot Perceive Them With The Eyes Of The Flesh.
5. Napoleon Said, "Battles Are Won, Not By Men, But By A MAN." He Was Right In More Ways Than One. Victories Are Won, Not By Christians But By Christ. And It Is Our Privilege And Joy To Share In His Victory. Like The Small Boy Who Jumped Up And Down Shouting "We've Won, We've Won!" At A Football Game, Though He Was Not A Member Of The Team Or Of The School Represented By The Team--We Too Can Rejoice In A Victory With Which We Associate Ourselves. We Can Live In Joy And Triumph. We Can Shout, "We've Won!" Because Of The Victory That Was Accomplished By Our Lord Jesus Christ On Calvary Nearly 2,000 Years Ago.
6. One Thing Is Very CLEAR From This Verse--Evil Must Be VIGOROUSLY FOUGHT AGAINST--And, We Labor In Harmony With CHRIST.

I. We Are Comforted By God's MERCY
A. He Gives Us Fellow-SOLDIERS
B. He Gives Us Sovereign GRACE, v. 17
1. Though we Thank God For The CHURCH, And For The Camaraderie And Fellowship Found Therein--Our Ultimate Trust Is NOT Placed In Other Sinners, Even Though They Be Regenerated By The Holy Spirit.
2. Our Highest Aspiration, And Greatest Source Of Help, Is Found In GOD ALONE. Here Is How Asaph Put It, in Ps. 73:25: "Whom Have I In Heaven But You? And There Is None Upon Earth That I Desire Besides You."
3. What The Psalmist Is Saying Here Is Simply This: "Save For The GRACE Of God, I Would Surely Have Perished In Sin, Despair, and Hell." Acts 15:11 Speaks Of This Truth: "But We Believe That Through The GRACE Of The Lord Jesus Christ We Shall Be Saved In The Same Manner As [The Gentiles]."
4. The "Great Anchor Of The Soul" For The Christian Is The Wonderful GRACE Of Jesus! Because Of Grace, we May Confidently Affirm The Words Of Rom. 8:31: "If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?"
5. Do YOU Know That Grace Today?

I. We Are Comforted By God's MERCY
A. He Gives Us Fellow-SOLDIERS
B. He Gives Us Sovereign GRACE
C. He Gives Us Firm ASSURANCES, v. 18
1. Have you Ever Considered How Many Ways God Has Promised To Help us?! Here Are Just A Few Of The Many:
a. He GUARDS Us--Ps. 97:10: "He PRESERVES The Souls Of His Saints; He DELIVERS Them Out Of The Hand Of The Wicked."
b. He EMPOWERS Us--Phil. 4:13: "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who STRENGTHENS Me."
c. And He FEEDS Us--Jn. 6:58: "This Is The BREAD Which Came Down From Heaven--Not As Your Fathers Ate The Manna, And Are Dead. He Who Eats This BREAD Will Live Forever."
2. Here, The Psalmist Expresses Great FAITH Because he Believes, Even If he Should Fall--That God Will LIFT him UP.
3. Our Feet Tend To "Slip" When we See The "Success" Or The "Prosperity" Of The Wicked. How Often we Have Marveled At Their Apparent Victories Over Righteousness--Even In The Recent Elections. Still, However, God's Truth Always Triumphs In The End.
4. Here Is How The Psalmist Put It, in Ps. 73:3 & 16-18: "For I Was Envious Of The Boastful, When I Saw The Prosperity Of The Wicked. . . . When I Thought How To Understand This, It Was Too Painful For Me--Until I Went Into The SANCTUARY Of God; Then I Understood THEIR END. Surely You Set Them In SLIPPERY Places; You Cast Them Down To Destruction." (We Will Discuss This Concept In More Depth A Little Later . . .)
5. Do YOU Have The ASSURANCE That God Is WITH you; And That He Is Holding you Up?
I. We Are Comforted By God's MERCY
A. He Gives Us Fellow-SOLDIERS
B. He Gives Us Sovereign GRACE
C. He Gives Us Firm ASSURANCES
D. He Gives Us Blessed HOPE, v. 19
1. What Is Great About This Verse Is That It Acknowledges The REALITY Of Life's Difficulties, While, At The Same Time, It Finds Its Answers In God's MERCY.
2. No Matter What Comes At Us--No Matter How Unspeakable The Evils Are (Like Abortion) That we Must Fight Against-- The HOPE Of The Lord Is With us, His Saints.
3. The Writer Of This Psalm (And we Cannot Know With Certainty Who That Was), Has Expressed Many Heart-Concerns.
a. He Is Concerned About The Apparent "Victory" Of The Godless in v. 3. But, Nevertheless, he Has HOPE.
b. He Is Concerned About The Abuse Of God's People in vv. 5-6. But, Nevertheless, he Has HOPE.
c. And, He Is Concerned About The Glory Of God in vv. 8-11. But, Nevertheless, (Once Again), he Has HOPE.
4. Do YOU Have HOPE In The Midst Of YOUR Life-Circumstances? Do you Have HOPE That All Man's Evils Will Be Rectified By God? If you DO, Then you Are A TRIUMPHANT, VICTORIOUS CHRISTIAN!
* Our COMFORT In The Storm Of Life Comes, First Of All, From The Blessed Fact That God Is MERCIFUL To His Children.

I. We Are Comforted By God's MERCY
II. We Are Comforted By God's JUSTICE, vv. 20-23 God Is Righteous; And ALL Evil Is Subject To The JUSTICE Of God. We Sometimes Speak Of God Extending MERCY To His Elect, And JUSTICE To The Reprobate. This Statement IS True, But It Always Needs To Be Clarified. Even In The Case Of The MERCY Of God Being Meted-Out To His Children--Even HERE, God Is JUST--Because The PUNISHMENT Of Their Sins HAS BEEN PAID By Christ. Paul put it this way, in Rom. 3:25-26: "God Set Forth [Christ as] A Propitiation By His Blood, Through Faith, To Demonstrate His Righteousness . . . That He Might Be JUST And The Justifier Of The One Who Has Faith In Jesus." In Other Words, We Are Not Saved INDEPENDENTLY Of God's Justice--The Father's WRATH Against Sin WAS Poured-Out On Christ, On The Cross. (I Refer you to 2 Cor. 5:21.) We Are Now Going To Discuss ANOTHER ASPECT Of God's JUSTICE--The WRATH Which Is Also Poured-Out, But This Time On GUILTY, Unrepentant, And Unbelieving, SINNERS.

II. We Are Comforted By God's JUSTICE
A. . . . Which Assures Us Of His EXCLUSION Of The Wicked, v. 20
1. The Psalmist Is Asking The Question: "Will God TOLERATE Evil?" The Answer To This Query Is A Resounding, "NO!"
2. This Idea Of "Devising Evil By Law," Is Intriguing. WE Have EVIL Laws In Our Own Country--Laws That Should NOT Be Honored, Nor Obeyed. The WORST Of These Are The Laws Tolerating The Shedding Of Innocent Blood --The "Abortion Laws."
3. The Enemies Of God In Our Own Society Wish To Foist EVIL LAWS Upon us.
4. Shall These Reprobates "Have Fellowship With [God]?" By NO Means! Here Is What Is Written in Is. 5:20: "WOE To Those Who Call Evil Good, And Good Evil; Who Put Darkness For Light, And Light For Darkness; Who Put Bitter For Sweet, And Sweet For Bitter!" The Pronouncement Of A Divine "WOE" Is A CURSE--A FORSAKING Of Those On whom It Is Spoken Against.

II. We Are Comforted By God's JUSTICE
A. . . . Which Assures Us Of His EXCLUSION Of The Wicked
B. . . . Which Assures Us Of His CONDEMNATION Of The Wicked, v. 21
1. The "Evil Laws" Referred To In v. 20 Lead To The Abominations Mentioned Here In This Verse.
2. God's Word Is Very STRONG In Its CONDEMNATION Of These Actions. Consider Just The Following Few, (Of Many), Examples:
a. Ex. 23:7: "Do Not Kill The Innocent And Righteous. For I Will NOT JUSTIFY The Wicked."
b. Prov. 17:15: "He Who Justifies The Wicked, And He Who Condemns The Just, Both Of Them Alike Are AN ABOMINATION To The Lord."
4. Then, As Well, Ps. 106:37-38 Is A Dramatic Portrayal Of Our Modern-Day Situation: "They Even Sacrificed their Sons And their Daughters To Demons, And Shed Innocent Blood, The Blood Of their Sons And Daughters, Whom they Sacrificed To The Idols Of Canaan; And The Land Was Polluted With Blood."
5. America's Abortionists Have Become Much Like Their NAZI Brethren . . . The Original Euthanasia Program To "Purify" The German Race Was A Creation Of Certain Physicians, Not Hitler. He Simply Allowed The Use Of The Tools Others Had Prepared. The First Gas Chamber Was Designed By Professors Of Psychiatry From 12 Major German Universities. They Selected The Patients And Watched Them Die. Then They Slowly Reduced The "Price Tag" Until The Mental Hospitals Were Almost Empty. They Were Joined By Some Pediatricians, Who Began By Emptying The Institutions For Handicapped Children In 1939. By 1945 These Doctors Had So Lowered The Price Tag That They Were Killing Bed Wetters, Children With Misshapen Ears, And Those With Learning Disabilities.
6. All Of This GOD, In His Righteousness, CONDEMNS.

II. We Are Comforted By God's JUSTICE
A. . . . Which Assures Us Of His EXCLUSION Of The Wicked
B. . . . Which Assures Us Of His CONDEMNATION Of The Wicked
C. . . . Which Assures Us Of The FUTILITY Of The Wicked, v. 22
1. Despite All The Evil Devices Of Man, The Psalmist Finds PEACE In The Knowledge That GOD, Not The Wicked, Will Truly, And Ultimately, PREVAIL.
2. An All-Time Favorite OT Verse Of Mine Is Prov. 21:30, Which Says This: "There Is No Wisdom, No Insight, No Plan That Can Succeed Against The Lord."
3. Notice How PERSONAL And INTIMATE The Words Of This Verse 22, Are: "MY Defense . . . MY God . . . MY Refuge"
4. While The Haters Of God Seem To Get Their Way-- God Is STILL SOVEREIGN, And Protects us From Them!
5. Are YOU And I TRUSTING Our Heavenly Father, Like This Psalmist Was?

II. We Are Comforted By God's JUSTICE
A. . . . Which Assures Us Of His EXCLUSION Of The Wicked
B. . . . Which Assures Us Of His CONDEMNATION Of The Wicked
C. . . . Which Assures Us Of The FUTILITY Of The Wicked
D. . . . Which Assures Us Of The DOOM Of The Wicked, v. 23
1. There Is A Certain Legitimate Satisfaction That God, And God's People, Get, When They Consider The Damnation Of The Wicked.
2. Here, Everything They Have Foisted On Others, Comes Back To Haunt Them.
3. To Be "Cut Off" Is To Be FORSAKEN, Excluded From The Community, And Benefits, Of The Covenant Of Grace.
4. None Of us, Any More Than God Himself, Take Delight In The Death Of The Wicked. In Fact, Ezek. 33:11 Says This: "Say To Them: 'As I Live,' Says The Lord God, 'I Have No Pleasure In The Death Of The Wicked, But That The Wicked Turn From his Way And Live. Turn, Turn From your Evil Ways! For Why Should you Die, O House Of Israel?'"
5. We Would Hope, And Pray, That All Of Them Would REPENT, And BELIEVE The Good News Of Christ's Gospel.
6. [GOSPEL]--One Of The Great IRONIES Of The GOSPEL Is That INNOCENT BLOOD WAS Shed, In Order To Effect Our Salvation.
a. Mt. 27:4 Finds Judas proclaiming: "I Have Sinned By Betraying INNOCENT BLOOD."
b. And, 1 Pt. 1:19 says That we Were REDEEMED "With The PRECIOUS BLOOD Of Christ, As Of A Lamb Without Blemish And Without Spot."
7. Even In The GOSPEL Itself, God Takes The Evil Wrath Of Man, And Turns It Toward Our Eternal Benefit!
8. WHERE Are YOU Today? You Are Either GUILTY Of SHEDDING Innocent Blood-- OR, You Are REDEEMED By Christ's Innocent Blood! BELIEVE ON HIM TODAY!
* Our COMFORT In The Storm Of Life Comes, Second Of All, From The Blessed Fact That God Is JUST, And Will Punish His Enemies.

* The Battle Storm we Are Focusing On Today Is The One Involving ABORTION--The Shedding Of Innocent Blood.
* The Battle Fray Is Well-Engaged, And The Foes Of Truth Appear To Be Strong, And United.
* Let us NEVER FEAR Them. Rather, Let us TRUST In God's MERCY, And In His JUSTICE.
* Here, And Here Alone, we Find Our Surest COMFORT.
* Many Years Ago A Submarine Was Rammed By Another Ship And Quickly Sank Off The Massachusetts Coast. Although Rescue Was Unlikely At That Depth, A Diver Was Dispatched To Determine If There Was Still Life Aboard The Disabled Vessel. The Diver Placed His Helmeted Ear Against The Sub's Hull And Heard A Faint Tapping Sound. Carefully He Made Note Of The Dots And Dashes And Decoded The Following Question: "Is . . . There . . . Any . . . Hope?" With Great Care He Slowly Signaled Back: "Hope . . . In . . . God . . . Alone." God's Word Reminds Us That Christ Is Our ONLY HOPE.

Rev Mark Henninger
Email:  markjhenninger@gmail.com

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