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A perspective first published in the Forum of the Peoria Journal Star, on Hillary Clinton's recent speech to the National Abortion Rights Action League about abortion clinic violence.

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Central Illinois Right To Life

Hillary Clinton's Speech

To National Abortion Rights Action League

Hillary Clinton on Abortion Clinic Violence - A Perspective first printed in the Forum of the Peoria Journal Star. (this is the unedited version, the parts the Journal Star left out is in italics- and it makes the main point of the article)

Speaking to the National Abortion Rights Action League, Hillary Clinton tallied up all the violence done by some off-balanced persons against abortion clinics and/or their employees. I agree that these actions are without justification: In ten years' time, 7 murders, 38 bombings, 146 cases of arson, and 733 acts of vandalism. These total 924 acts, all uncalled for and some tragic. Nonetheless, in the same 10 years, at the rate of 1.4 million abortions annually, there have been 14 million lives aborted (cut short), and nearly as many girls and women deceived, wounded, and physically or emotionally scarred for life.

Mrs. Clinton desires to expand this evil to other nations, and even to cooperate with a nation that uses compulsory abortion to enforce a 1-child-per-couple policy of population control. Mrs. Clinton should not refer to this, or legal abortion as we have in our nation, as "health care." It works out only to the financial health and well-being of certain people and organizations.

The abortion industry, hugely profitable and largely, if not completely unregulated, is well able to defend itself against those comparatively few attacks upon it: but in hopeless desperation, the girl or women is greatly vulnerable to coercion from friends and relatives, coupled with the persuasion by clinic personnel who stand to benefit from every abortion sold.

And against the sharp tools and powerful vacuum devices of the abortionist, the living, growing infant has no defence at all, except this: only from those who follow the Biblical injunction to "speak for those who have no voice" and the ones we try to persuade to follow the one to "Choose Life."

Aletha Hatfield

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