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Choosing Life - a pro life sermon outline, which you are free to use.

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Pro Life Sermon

Pro Life Sermon

This is the outline of a pro life sermon first preached at the First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown, IL on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, 17 January 1999


Deuteronomy 30:11-20 - [Aim: To Thrive On Christ our Life--On This Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday.] Before Prayer: Today Is "Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday," So It Is Very Appropriate That we Look At What The Word Of God Has To Say About LIFE. It Is Equally Important That we Approach Issues Of Life and The Sin Of Abortion In a HOLISTIC Way--Marrying God's Justice and Righteousness With His Love, Grace, and Compassion.


* LIFE, In a Very Real Sense, Is Something That Must Be CHOSEN-- NOT As The Arminians Would Have us Choose It; But As GOD Would Have us Do So.
* We Choose Life By GRACE--Just As Everything Else That we Have Comes To us By GRACE.
* The PROBLEM we Have In Choosing Life Is That we Are ALL BORN Loving, and Desiring, DEATH--Not Life.
* This Dilemma Is ONLY Rectified By The GOSPEL Of our Lord Jesus Christ.
* We Must Never Presume To Be Able To Divorce our PRO-LIFE Commitment From our Commitment To The GOSPEL.
* The Reason For This Is That There Is NO Life (At All) Outside Of Jesus Christ, and His Gospel Of Grace.
* Scriptural Support For This Truth Is Drawn From Texts Such As Jn. 5:39 & 40, which finds Jesus saying: "You Search The Scriptures, For In Them you Think you Have Eternal Life; and These Are They Which Testify Of Me. But YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO COME TO ME That YOU MAY HAVE LIFE."
* The GOSPEL CHANGES All That--and Causes us To "CHOOSE LIFE"--In ALL Its Forms!
* Therefore Our GOAL this Morning is To THRIVE ON CHRIST our LIFE--On This Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday.
* With this in mind, Please turn with me to Deuteronomy 30:11-20 . . .

I. Choosing Life Means That We TRUST God's Word, vv. 11-14 It Is Not Possible To Fully CHOOSE LIFE ASIDE From The Instruction Of The WORD Of God. Because we Are SO Depraved, Corrupt, Sinful, and Polluted--If The BIBLE Did Not Show us The Way, we Would NEVER Be Able To Find It On our Own. This Is True--Even In The Area Of ABORTION. If The Word Of God Did Not Say, in Gen. 9:6, "Whoever Sheds Man's Blood, By Man his Blood Shall Be Shed; For IN THE IMAGE OF GOD HE [God] MADE MAN" --we Would Be Clueless As To The SANCTITY Of Human Life.
I. Choosing Life Means That We TRUST God's Word
A. --That It Is ACCESSIBLE, vv. 11-13
1. ["Accessible" Is Spelled "A-C-C-E-S-S-I-B-L-E."]
2. There Are TWO Aspects Of God's Word That Moses Wants us To Comprehend, from these three verses:
a. First, That The Bible Is NOT Some "CODE Book," Only Understood By Scholars Or Mystics--v. 11: "For This Commandment . . . Is NOT TOO MYSTERIOUS For you." [In Other Words, The Bible Is For ORDINARY People. This Was a Hallmark Of The REFORMATION Creed. Still, This Does NOT Mean That The Bible Is To Be Interpreted Independently Of God's Clergy. What It Means Is That The Spirit Applies The Scripture To ORDINARY People--Through The Ministry Of God's Clergy.]
b. And Secondly, That The Bible Is NOT Some "REMOTE Book," Accessible Only To a Chosen Few--v. 11: "For This Commandment . . . Is NOT . . . FAR OFF." [Moses Goes On To Say That The Commandment Is Not In HEAVEN (v. 12); Or Beyond The SEA (v. 13).]
3. Just WHAT IS The Commandment That Is Being Referred To, Anyway? It Is The Commandment To OBEY, Based ON LOVE, (Deut. 30:10).
4. The Bible's Teaching IS Accessible To ALL Believers; and It APPLIES To ALL People. [Therefore, When Thelburn Tells People That Abortion Is Wrong Because The Bible Says That Life Begins At Conception (Ps. 139:13-16)-- He Is Absolutely RIGHT; and he Is Using The Scriptures PROPERLY.]
5. All Of This Means That NONE Of us Have Any EXCUSE-- When we Stand Before God At The Judgment; Or IF we Endure The Wrath Of God On our Nation-- We May NOT Claim Ignorance. We KNOW That Abortion Is Wrong.
I. Choosing Life Means That We TRUST God's Word
B. --That It Is UNDERSTANDABLE, v. 14
1. This Verse Sheds a Slightly Different Light On The Scriptures, (Than vv. 11 through 13 Did).
2. This Verse Has Application To The NEW COVENANT, and To The GOSPEL Itself. Paul Quoted It In Rom. 10:8, In The Context Of CONFESSING Christ; and BELIEVING In our Heart That God Raised Him From The Dead.
3. All Of This Speaks To our Ability To UNDERSTAND, Or COMPREHEND, The Gospel. [In Essence, This Verse Is Meant Exclusively For Elect Believers.]
4. What Happens To us When The Spirit Of God Enters our Lives? The LAW Of God Gets WRITTEN On our Very HEARTS, (Heb. 8:10).
5. So, The MOUTH Speaks Of CONFESSION Of Christ; and The HEART Speaks Of FAITH In The Savior.
6. When we Speak Of Christ; and When we Believe In Christ-- What Is One Of The MAIN Things we Are Doing? We Are Proclaiming, Believing, and Affirming LIFE!
* Let us Always Remember How DEPENDENT we Are Upon The Holy SCRIPTURES For Everything!

I. Choosing Life Means That We TRUST God's Word
II. Choosing Life Means That We LOVE God's Son, vv. 15-18 There Is NO TRUST Of God's Word Aside From LOVE Of God's Son. The Whole Bible Is a Book Of LOVE. The LAW Book Itself (Deuteronomy), Is Primarily a Book Of LOVE. (Love Is Mentioned at least 18 Times In It.) Whereas There Is No Love For Christ Independently Of The WORD; There Is Also No Love For LIFE Independently Of CHRIST. Hence, If People Are To Be Made PRO-LIFE--they Have Got To Be Made PRO-CHRIST! A Great Proof Text For This is found in Jesus' Words of Jn. 6:53: "Most Assuredly, I Say To you, Unless you Eat The Flesh Of The Son Of Man and Drink His Blood, YOU HAVE NO LIFE IN YOU."
II. Choosing Life Means That We LOVE God's Son
A. Affection Is The Key To LIFE, vv. 15-16
1. There Are a Lot Of Important WORDS In These Two Verses (Life, Good, Death, Evil, Walk, Keep, Live, Multiply, and Bless) --But None Is Bigger Than That Word "LOVE."
2. It Is Whoever, Or Whatever, we LOVE--That we Will OBEY, and Be Committed To.
3. Verse 15 Speaks Of The "TABLE-SETTING" Of Life and Good, Or Of Death and Evil. This Is All In Reference To The Fact That In Deut. 28, God Had Laid-Out BLESSINGS On Obedience; and CURSINGS On Disobedience.
4. Now, The Children Of God Are, in essence, To Make a "CHOICE." This Whole Picture Reminds us Very Much Of What we Read From Joshua's Lips, in Josh. 24:15: "And If It Seems Evil To you To Serve The Lord, CHOOSE FOR YOURSELVES This Day WHOM YOU WILL SERVE, Whether The gods Which your Fathers Served That Were On The Other Side Of The River, Or The gods Of The Amorites, In whose Land you Dwell. "But AS FOR ME and MY HOUSE, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD."
5. We CANNOT Help But Chose Either Life Or Death; Good Or Evil; Blessing Or Cursing-- And This Is True--Not Only In our SPIRITUAL Lives--But In our SOCIAL, Public, and Political Lives As Well. [When a Christian VOTES For a Pro-Abortion Politician--he Or she Is Choosing DEATH, and Siding With The Devil.]
6. Again, The KEY Is LOVE For Jesus Christ-- Not one's Political Party Affiliation Or Loyalties. If we LOVE Jesus--we Love LIFE.

II. Choosing Life Means That We LOVE God's Son
A. Affection Is The Key To LIFE
B. Idolatry Is The Way To DEATH, vv. 17-18
1. These Verses Affirm The Fact That we Will ALL (Inevitably) Love SOME god, (Be It The ONE True One, Or One Of The Many False ones).
2. Idolatry Leads To a "CUTTING OFF." Whereas The Faithful Are Blessed, and Possess The Land For Many Generations-- The Unfaithful Are Severed From God's Good Blessings.
3. What Is Abortion, But a "Cutting Off" Of Life? As The Buses Bearing our CIRTL Sign Say, "Abortion Stops a Beating Heart."
4. Does This Mean That those People who Have Participated In Abortion; Or who Have Supported Abortion Politicians, Or The Industry In General Have NO HOPE? NO. Most Assuredly It Does NOT Mean This! Consider Paul's Great Words, from 1 Cor. 6:9-11:
"Do you Not Know That The Unrighteous Will Not Inherit The Kingdom Of God? Do Not Be Deceived. Neither Fornicators, Nor Idolaters, Nor Adulterers, Nor Homosexuals, Nor Sodomites, Nor Thieves, Nor Covetous, Nor Drunkards, Nor Revilers, Nor Extortioners Will Inherit The Kingdom Of God. "AND SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU. But YOU WERE WASHED, But YOU WERE SANCTIFIED, But YOU WERE JUSTIFIED In The Name Of The Lord Jesus and By The Spirit Of our God."
5. Many Americans BOW DOWN Every Day To The ALTAR Of Greed, Convenience, Selfishness, and Lust-- All Perfectly Characterized By our Culture Of Abortion.
* May WE, Rather, Bow Down To The God Of LIFE--and Love What HE Loves: Life, Truth, Grace, Compassion, Righteousness, and Faith.

I. Choosing Life Means That We TRUST God's Word
II. Choosing Life Means That We LOVE God's Son
III. Choosing Life Means That We BELIEVE God's Gospel, vv. 19-20 Without Faith In The Good News That a Savior Has Died For Sinners, Accomplishing For them The FORGIVENESS Of their Sins-- There Can Be, and Is, NO Genuine Life (In The Biblical Sense Of The Word). Jesus Said As Much, During His Confrontation With The Jews, as it is recorded for us in Jn. 8:24: "Therefore I Said To you That you Will DIE In your SINS; For IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE That I Am [The Messiah], YOU WILL DIE IN YOUR SINS." These Are Pretty Straightforward Words--and They Also APPLY To US. . . .
III. Choosing Life Means That We BELIEVE God's Gospel
A. Grace COMPELS Our Faith, v. 19
1. I Think That v. 19 Is Really The KEY To This Passage. (So Much Is Found Here.) Let's Discover HOW Grace Compels our Faith; and Let's Make Some APPLICATIONS To our Lives. . . .
a. First, God Gives us RESPONSIBILITY (In The Calling Of The Two Witnesses: Heaven and Earth). [Choosing Life Is a Serious Thing.]
b. Secondly, God Gives us CHOICES (As Regenerate Believers). [Unbelievers CANNOT Choose Life--they Must Be Regenerated FIRST. Believers DO CHOOSE Every Day--To Either Walk In The NEW Way Of Life and Blessing; Or To Revert Back To The OLD Way Of Death and Cursing. Christians Do BOTH. You Can Usually Tell What they Are Doing By Looking At The Expressions On their Faces.]
c. Thirdly, God Gives us ENCOURAGE-MENT (In Specifically Urging us To CHOOSE LIFE). [The Lord Is Not a Passive Bystander --Caring Not Which Way we Go. He IS, Rather, if you will, our Heavenly CHAMPION--Urging us On In The POWER He Has Already Provided us In Christ.]
d. And Lastly, God Gives us REWARDS For Obedience (In Promising us "LIFE."). [What IS "Life," In The Bible? Life Is FULLNESS In The PRESENCE Of God. (This Includes Abundant JOY; But It Also Includes Accepting HARDSHIPS From our Father's Hand.)]
2. HOW Do we "CHOOSE LIFE" In Jesus Christ? Very Often--Perhaps Always--we Do This By DENYING ourselves!
3. We "Choose Life" By Choosing GOD'S Way; and By Rejecting The World's Way.
4. In Practical Terms, we "Choose Life" By TAKING a STAND. . . .
a. We "Take a Stand" For Jesus CHRIST and The GOSPEL In our BAPTISMS-- and In Being FAITHFUL To The Vows and Commitments we Make To God.
b. We "Take a Stand" For LIFE By Rejecting The Culture Of Death-- and By Asserting The Truth About Life. (We May DO This, In a Symbolic Way, This Week--In The PRAYER Vigil; and At The WALK/RALLY For Life.)
5. ALL Of This Is Possible ONLY By GRACE. In Other Words, All The POWER, and All The PRINCIPLE COMES FROM GOD!
6. Do you Remember Jimmy Stewart, In "It's A Wonderful Life"? At The End, On The Bridge, he Prays, "I Want To LIVE Again! I Want To LIVE Again!"
7. If YOU REALLY "Want To LIVE"-- This Is BECAUSE Of The GRACE Of God! Listen To The Words Of 2 Cor. 4:6: "For IT IS THE GOD WHO COMMANDED LIGHT TO SHINE OUT OF DARKNESS, Who Has Shone In our Hearts To Give The Light Of The Knowledge Of The Glory Of God In The Face Of Jesus Christ."

III. Choosing Life Means That We BELIEVE God's Gospel
A. Grace COMPELS Our Faith
B. Grace BLESSES Our Faith, v. 20
1. The CHOICE Of Life, (That Comes By Grace), Launches us Into a Series Of FURTHER BLESSINGS. Consider Them With me. . . .
a. First, The JOY Of More LOVE For God: "That you May LOVE The Lord your God."
b. Secondly, The JOY Of More FAITHFUL-NESS To God: "That you May OBEY HIS VOICE."
c. Thirdly, The JOY Of More INTIMACY With God: "And That you May CLING TO HIM."
d. Fourthly, The JOY Of More POWER In God: "For HE IS YOUR LIFE and The LENGTH Of your DAYS."
e. And Lastly, The JOY Of More POSTERITY In God: "And That you May DWELL IN THE LAND Which The Lord SWORE TO YOUR FATHERS, To Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, To Give them."
2. HOW Do we BELIEVE In The Gospel; and Thus Choose Life? We Do This By GRACE, Which Enables us To Have CONFIDENCE That WHAT God Has Said, and Done (In Jesus Christ), IS TRUE.
3. All True Life Is "Chosen" At The CROSS, Where The BLOOD Of The Savior Was Spilt For US SINNERS.
4. Are WE Believing That Christ Is our ALL-IN-ALL?
5. WHAT Can WASH AWAY our SIN--and our National Sin, Of Abortion?
6. [GOSPEL]--The BLOOD Of Jesus. Here Are The Precious Words Of 1 Jn. 1:7: "But If we Walk In The Light As He Is In The Light, we Have Fellowship With One Another, and THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST His Son CLEANSES US FROM ALL SIN."
* Faith and Repentance Are The KEYS To "Choosing Life."

PHYSICAL Life Begins At CONCEPT-ION, (Ps. 51:5).
SPIRITUAL Life Begins At REGENER-ATION, (Jn. 3:3).
* Do we "Choose" To Be Born (Physically)? NO.
* Do we "Choose" To Be Born (Spiritually)? NO.
* So, What Is All This "CHOOSING LIFE" Business, Then?
* "Choosing Life" Is The Prerogative, Privilege, and Responsibility Of The REDEEMED, The Children Of God!
* What Does It Mean, In Terms Of EVANGELISM? It Means That WE Act As GOD'S AGENTS In The World--Even As The Apostle Said, in 2 Cor. 2:15 & 16: "For we Are To God The FRAGRANCE OF CHRIST Among those who Are Being SAVED and Among those Who Are PERISHING. "To The ONE we Are The AROMA OF DEATH Leading To DEATH, and To The OTHER The AROMA OF LIFE Leading To LIFE. And who Is Sufficient For These Things?"
* So, What Does This Mean For us, In The PRO-LIFE CAUSE?
* It Means That we Must Go About--EFFUSING The AROMA Of Jesus Christ (our LIFE) In EVERY Place.
* What Is The KEY To Winning The Battle For Life? EVANGELISM! Spreading The Word About Jesus Christ, and His Gospel Of Grace!

Rev Mark Henninger

Email:  markjhenninger@gmail.com

Read more Pro Life Sermons .

Contact At :
First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown
4127 W. Southport Road
Peoria,  IL  61615
Web Site:  www.jcalvin.bradley.edu

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