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How to use Pro-Life Bumper Stickers and other simple ways to get the Pro Life message to the public.

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Pro Life Bumper Stickers From Central Illinois Right To Life

Pro-Life Bumper Stickers

A while back after reading an article by Pro-Life activist Greg Cunningham about the effectiveness of simple tools like bumper stickers, we ended years of procrastination and placed one on our car. It displays a simple, rather non-controversial, statement of truth; "ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART."

On a recent trip we started thinking about the number of people who might see this message during the 2500 miles we would be driving. To this end, we counted the cars that passed us or that we passed for about an hour and were surprised to estimate that the occupants of approximately 7500 cars would be confronted by the Pro-Life statement on our bumper during our time away from home. Just imagine the potential impact of millions of Pro-Lifers displaying the truth about abortion on their cars throughout the entire year!

After more thought on the possibilities, we changed our vehicle license plates to display a short Pro-Life quip. Now once or more each week, some one will ask, "What does your license plate mean?" and this gives an opportunity to impress on that person the Pro-Life message.

Incidentally, during that week of traveling, we saw only 2 other Pro-Life bumper stickers.

A CIRTL Board Member.

Pro-Life Bumpers Stickers are available at your religious bookstore, or from Central Illinois Right to Life. Send a self addressed envelope containing $1 to CIRTL and you will receive 2 bumper stickers,

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