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Many wealthy people and the foundations they fund, support and promote abortion, based on the idea that there are more people than the planet can support.

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Warren Buffett

The Buffett Foundation, Family Planning, and Population Control

Not long ago, I received an introductory offer for four issues of a Dow Jones Business and Financial News weekly called Barron's. The first issue's cover story (December 8) was titled Why, Warren? Warren Buffett is one of America's most wealthy from his successful ventures as an investor. I remember a camping trip where one of my friends told of how investors climb on board paying as much as $30,000 per share for Berkshire Hathaway Inc. voting stock. Berkshire which is controlled by Warren, invests in other companies and outperforms most mutual funds. His annual reports are famous for their "plain English" and easy to understand language...much of which has now been adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Besides being a very successful investor, Warren has a social agenda. He considers overpopulation to be a serious threat to the future of the world. In fact the Buffet Foundation established by he and his wife has spent nearly 10 million dollars this year alone on "family planning causes and other population control efforts". Shocked! So was I and that's not the worst of it. The foundation is currently small; however the foundation is heir to the estimated $20 billion once Warren passes on. The foundation has spent $2 million to fund RU-486 research.

The Buffett foundation is not alone. Established years ago, the Rockefeller foundation continues to expand its worldwide efforts through the Population Council, Planned Parenthood, and other organizations to promote and encourage abortions and birth control/contraceptives. The Ford and Rockefeller foundations used to work through the State Department's Agency for International Development. Today, they work through the United Nations Fund for Population Activities.

You may have heard recently of Ted Turnerís $1 billion donation to the UN. It's expected that $30 million will be annually contributed by Turner to the UN foundation. Turner was recently quoted, "if everybody voluntarily had one child for 100 years we would go back to $2 billion people." Recently Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has developed ties with Buffett and is spending money for teenage pregnancy studies. In fact Bill Gate's father was involved with Planned Parenthood in the sixties. Hewlett Packard's foundation is expected to contribute more to population control activities than all of the above.

The list goes on like a who's who list of the wealthiest, who are dedicating resources to population planning. Why? Their goal is to reduce the worldwide birth rate to a stable ( or as they call it replacement level) level which for them is estimated at 2.1 children per family.

We have all heard stories of doom and gloom from overpopulation, the gas crisis, global warming etc. I remember in 1977 we had a visitor to our class that claimed we would run out of gas by the year 2000. I remember reading a Wall Street Journal article last month that tackled the myth of global warming stating the mean average temperature over the last 30 years is actually declining and the overriding dominant factor to warming is the sun. Scientists know solar activity dramatically impacts climate and communications and the gradual warming since the ice age is "natural".

What about the myth of overpopulation? Most of Europe and America are already have declining birth rates. China's barbaric one child policy certainly has had an impact to the world's most populous nation. Most of the food shortages in many African countries, India, and North Korea, are do to ineffective governments and/or a loss of social order. UN studies predict fertility rates will drop below replacement level by 2015. In fact UN studies also state 44% of the world's population is already at replacement level. If UN studies suggest we are nearly there why do these powerful people persist? Besides does anyone know how many people the earth can reasonably feed? Is it 6 billion, 12 billion or 20 billion...What about the untapped reaches of the oceans or space or new technologies?

No, it all comes down to FEAR. Fear of a loss of power, loss of resources, fear of the unknown. Fear that if we don't kill our young children today, they will be killed in the future. Ultimately, fear from the lack of faith in God, his teachings and promises!!!!

Have these wealthy men forgotten God's teachings? What is the logic that demands abortion today to abort the unlikely scenario of starving in the future? I used to admire these men, now I pity them, for to be without God must indeed be fearful. Please pray for these influential people that they may become followers of Christ, and in so doing help God's special little people...the children!

Mark Lang

Read about another pro abortion hero, Betty Freidan, Peoria's most famous citizen.

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