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Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? A review of this book ay author Randy Alcorn and discussion of his assertion that chemical abortions do result from use of many types of BC pills.

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Central Illinois Right To Life

Abortion And Birth Control Pills

Randy Alcorn, the author of Prolife Answers to Pro choice Arguments, one of the most comprehensive books on abortion, and Deadline and Dominion, two best selling Christian novels, has written an in-depth study of abortions resulting from the birth control pill. His booklet, titled Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions, is must reading for anyone serious about abortion in America.

Extensively researched, this 87 page booklet examines the medical evidence, what pill manufacturers say, and the arguments surrounding this topic. Mr. Alcorn concludes:

"It is a tragic irony that we who are Christians try to persuade people not to have a single surgical abortion, while as a result of our choice to take the Pill we may be having two, three, a half dozen or more chemical abortions ourselves. My intention is not to finger point. ? If we?d had the information then that we do now, I am convinced Nanci and I would have stopped using the Pill. In the face of the overwhelming evidence, I think many others will make the same decision."

The booklet is available from the Central Illinois Right To Life office or may be ordered from Eternal Perspective Ministries, 2229 East Burnside, #23, Gresham, OR 97080. The cost, including postage is $3.00 per copy, $2.25 for two to ten, and less for larger orders. The booklet may also be down loaded from Randy Alcorn's Web Site at http://www.epm.org/~ralcorn/.

Dan Smith

Dan is a member of the Board of Directors of Central Illinois Right to Life, Inc.

Email Dan at:   instantfamily@home.com

Read a review of Randy Alcorn's Book Deadline.

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