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An examination of his position and record on Pro Life issues of Democratic candidate for President, Al Gore leaves us with many questions.

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How does Democratic candidate and Southern Baptist Al Gore stand on Pro Life issues  - his position -from Central Illinois Right To Life

Do You Know The Record and Position of

Democratic Candidate Al Gore

On Abortion and other Pro Life issues?

Southern Baptist Do You Know? Was Al Gore once pro life before becoming a candidate for president in 1992? Is he a Southern Baptist and if so does he agree with the SBC's offical stands on pro life?
issues Do You Know? Does Gore support President Clinton's veto of the bill to ban partial birth , late term abortion?
issues Do You Know? Has Al Gore stated an abortion litmus test for Supreme Court nominees if he is elected president?
Democrat Do You Know? Does Al Gore support government funding of abortion?
Democrat Do You Know? Does Al Gore support parental consent legislation?
abortion Do You Know? Does candidate Gore accept money from pro choice groups like NARAL, or from providers like Planned Parenthood?

We would like to know the answers to these questions!


If you have documented answers to these questions about the postion and record of Democratic Candidate for President, Al Gore
Please Email the documentation to us at :  cirtl@cirtl.org
so that we may inform others. Thank You!


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