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The absurdity of current abortion law is shown when a man in Illinois is charged with murder in the death of two unborn children.

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Central Illinois Right To Life News

Murder And Not Murder

The Absurdity Of It All

CIRTL Board President Mark Henninger's Thoughts On Conflicts Between Abortion Law And The Rest Of American Law And Culture

Here in central Illinois a man has been arraigned on charges of murdering a 20 year-old woman and her two unborn children. That this man should be executed by the state, or given a sentence of life in prison without parole, if indeed he should be found to be guilty, is the obvious conclusion of all rational minds.

What is not so obvious to everyone is the remarkable absurdity that cases like this reveal about our culture, our laws, and our general mores.

Consider this: if the murdered woman had chosen to abort her twin children (before her own murder)--she would have been looked upon, by most Americans, as exercising her "right to choose." But when a murderer breaks into her house, abducts and kidnaps her, and then brutally murders both her and her unborn twins, we are faced with a legal triple homicide.

How can we reconcile this? There is no way at all to do so, without throwing reason and all good sense to the wind. In our society, the only difference between murdered unborn twins and aborted unborn twins is the ludicrous idea that the destiny of the children in entirely in the hands of the mother who bears them.

Until God's people begin to stand up and speak out, the irrational and vicious actions, attitudes, and beliefs of the new Nazism in America will continue to prevail. Let's make our voices heard!

Mark Henninger

Email Mark At:  markjhenninger@gmail.com

Read about Justice Blackmun who authored the ruling that brought this absurdity on our legal system.

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